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Autor: William T. Endicott
ISBN-13: 9780471473626
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An Insider's Guide to Political Jobs in Washington

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Praise for An Insider's Guide to POLITICAL JOBS IN WASHINGTON
"Bill Endicott has written a remarkable description of whatWashington political jobs entail, how you get them, and where theylead-a public service."
-Gerald Ford
38th President of the United States,
Former Minority Leader, U.S. House of Representatives

"Public service is essential to our democracy. Bill Endicott's book. . . is the best primer I have read to help those interested inserving in our nation's capital. For those of us who have had theopportunity to work in political jobs, this experience benefitsboth the individual and the country."
-Leon Panetta
Former U.S. Representative, Director of the Office of Managementand Budget, and White House Chief of Staff

"A view of the process from the inside-from someone who's beenthere many times. No other source puts all the critical tips intoone place as this book does. The perspective on the process isunique. The personal anecdotes and interviews are invaluable. Weplan to recommend it to everyone who walks in the door hoping tofind a job in politics."
-Jennifer Blanck
Director of Career and Alumni Services,
Georgetown Public Policy Institute, Georgetown University and
-John Noble
Director of Career Services,
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
Acknowledgments ix

Introduction 1

1: Getting That First Job 23

2: Working for Politicians 37

3: Political Parties 61

4: Congress 79

5: The White House 115

6: Executive Branch Departments 153

7: Related Jobs 175

8: Case Studies 201

Appendix: Recommended Reading/Viewing 259

Index 263

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Autor: William T. Endicott
ISBN-13 :: 9780471473626
ISBN: 0471473626
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 288
Sprache: Englisch
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