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Autor: Janet Levine
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Know Your Parenting Personality

How to Use the Enneagram to Become the Best Parent You Can Be
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Knowing yourself helps your child
Are you a Helper or an Organizer? A Dreamer or an Entertainer? Nomatter which of the personality types on the Enneagram you are,this groundbreaking system gives you the vision to see the world asyour child sees it-and the power to use this vision to achieve allof your parenting goals.

Know Your Parenting Personality helps you discover how yourpersonality motivates the way you behave as a parent and how yourchild's personality interacts with your own. As an expert onpersonality, Janet Levine has pioneered a new understanding of theEnneagram based on hundreds of interviews with parents. You'lllearn how to recognize your greatest parenting strengths andweaknesses and how to free yourself to become a true guide andmentor to your child. This invaluable parenting guide helpsyou:
* Establish stronger connections with your child
* Eliminate self-defeating behavior patterns
* Deepen parent--child communication
* Reduce stress in your home
* Gain self awareness and identify your parenting strengths
* Support the flowering of your child's personality

Read Know Your Parenting Personality and become the parent youalways wanted to be.


1. Discovering Your Parenting Personality:What's Your Type?

2. The Helper: Meeting the Needs of Others.

3. The Organizer: Loving through Doing.

4. The Dreamer: Connection Is Everything.

5. The Observer: Let's Step Back and See.

6. The Questioner: "Be Prepared"--That'sMy Motto.

7. The Entertainer: Let's Have Fun!Let's Play!

8. The Protector: I Am Your Sanctuary: NothingThreatens You Here.

9. The Peacekeeper: Living Life through Others.

10. The Moralizer: Always Striving forPerfection.

Epilogue: Taking the Next Step.

Appendix: History, Research, and Theory onPersonality Studies.


Topics for Discussion.


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