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Autor: Andrew Jaffe
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Casting for Big Ideas

Adweek Books
A New Manifesto for Agency Managers
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In Casting for Big Ideas, Andrew Jaffe, industry veteran andDirector of the Clio Awards, details important lessons on themanagement and growth of advertising agencies. He shows how theforty-year-old agency business model is breaking down because thework is becoming marginalized, as clients cut back ad budgets andhire outside marketing services and strategy firms. If agencies areto survive, Jaffe says, they must become idea-focused again and,instead of just making ads, master the art of devising the kind ofnon-advertising-type promotions that more quickly move a brand intothe culture. Based on his long experience in the advertisingindustry, Jaffe offers practical advice and important lessons foragency heads who want their businesses to stand the test of time.This one-of-a-kind resource covers a subject often ignored-thebusiness side of running an ad agency.Andrew Jaffe (New Canaan, CT) is the founding Publishing Directorof Wiley's Adweek and Brandweek books imprints. He is also theExecutive Director of the Clio Awards, one of the largest and mostfamous advertising awards programs in the world, with over 18,000pieces submitted from agencies and production facilities infifty-nine countries.
Foreword by Neil French, Worldwide Creative Director, Ogilvy &Mather Advertising.

Introduction: The Call for a New, Smarter AgencyArchitecture.

PART 1: Agency Architecture.

CHAPTER 1: Agency Architecture: Getting It Right from theBeginning.

CHAPTER 2: The Pitch: Matching the Hatch and Deciding What WouldMake the Client Bite Down on Your Lure.

CHAPTER 3: Creative Department: How Long Can It Survive as IdeaCentral?

CHAPTER 4: Media Department: Can It Replace Creative as thePrimary Source for Brand-Building Ideas?

CHAPTER 5: The Internet and the Agency.

CHAPTER 6: Prioritizing Strategic Planning.

PART 2: Management Lessons.

CHAPTER 7: Growing Your Agency.

CHAPTER 8: Smart Ownership Principles.

CHAPTER 9: Integrating and Refocusing the Agency Network.

CHAPTER 10: The Future.

APPENDIX A: Advertising's Invisible Values.

APPENDIX B: A Big Future for Big ideas.

APPENDIX C: The IDEO Difference.




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Autor: Andrew Jaffe
ISBN-13 :: 9780471480914
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 256
Sprache: Englisch
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