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Progress in Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 54

53, Progress in Inorganic Chemistry
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The cutting edge of scientific reporting . . .PROGRESS in Inorganic Chemistry
Nowhere is creative scientific talent busier than in the world ofinorganic chemistry experimentation. Progress in InorganicChemistry continues in its tradition of being the most respectedavenue for exchanging innovative research. This series providesinorganic chemists and materials scientists with a forum forcritical, authoritative evaluations of advances in every area ofthe discipline. With contributions from internationally renownedchemists, this latest volume offers an in-depth, far-rangingexamination of the changing face of the field, providing atantalizing glimpse of the emerging state of the science.
"This series is distinguished not only by its scope and breadth,but also by the depth and quality of the reviews."
-Journal of the American Chemical Society
"[This series] has won a deservedly honored place on the bookshelfof the chemist attempting to keep afloat in the torrent of originalpapers on inorganic chemistry."
-Chemistry in Britain
* Atomlike Building Units of Adjustable Character: Solid-State andSolution Routes to Manipulating Hexanuclear Transition MetalChalcohalide Clusters (Eric J. Welch and Jeffrey R. Long)
* Doped Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Synthesis, Characterization,Physical Properties, and Applications (J. Daniel Bryan and DanielR. Gamelin)
* Stereochemical Aspects of Metal Xanthane Complexes: MolecularStructures and Supramolecular Self-Assembly (Edward R. T. Tiekinkand Ionel Haiduc)
* Trivalent Uranium: A Versatile Species for Molecular Activation(Ilia Korobkov and Sandro Gambarotta)
* Comparison of the Chemical Biology of NO and HNO: An InorganicPerspective (Katrina M. Miranda and David A. Wink)
* Alterations of Nucleobase pKa Values upon Metal Coordination:Origins and Consequences (Bernhard Lippert)
* Functionalization of Myoglobin (Yoshihito Watanabe and TakashiHayashi)
Chapter 1: Atomlike Building Units of Adjustable Character:Solid-State and Solution Routes to Manipulating HexanuclearTransition Metal Chalcohalide Clusters (Eric J. Welch and JeffreyR. Long).

Chapter 2: Doped Semiconductor Nanocrystals: Synthesis,Characterization, Physical Properties, and Applications (J. DanielBryan and Daniel R. Gamelin).

Chapter 3: Stereochemical Aspects of Metal Xanthate Complexes:Molecular Structures and Supramolecular Self-Assembly (Edward R. T.Tiekink and Ionel Haiduc).

Chapter 4: Trivalent Uranium: A Versatile Species for MolecularActivation (Ilia Korobkov and Sandro Gambarotta).

Chapter 5: Comparison of the Chemical Biology of NO and HNO: AnInorganic Perspective (Katrina M. Miranda, Lisa Ridnour, MichaelEsprey, Deborah Citrin, Douglas Thomas, Daniele Mancardi, SoniaDonzelli, David A. Wink, Tatsuo Katori, Carlo G. Tocchetti,Marcella Ferlito, Nazareno Paolocci and Jon M. Fukuto).

Chapter 6: Alterations of Nucleobase pKa Values upon MetalCoordination: Origins and Consequences (Bernhard Lippert).

Chapter 7: Functionalization of Myoglobin (Yoshihito Watanabeand Takashi Hayashi).

Subject Index.

Cumulative Index, Volumes 1-54.

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