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Autor: Jonathan L. Haines
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Genetic Analysis of Complex Disease

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Second Edition features the latest tools for uncovering thegenetic basis of human disease
The Second Edition of this landmark publication bringstogether a team of leading experts in the field to thoroughlyupdate the publication. Readers will discover the tremendousadvances made in human genetics in the seven years that haveelapsed since the First Edition. Once again, the editorshave assembled a comprehensive introduction to the strategies,designs, and methods of analysis for the discovery of genes incommon and genetically complex traits. The growing social, legal,and ethical issues surrounding the field are thoroughly examined aswell.

Rather than focusing on technical details or particularmethodologies, the editors take a broader approach that emphasizesconcepts and experimental design. Readers familiar with theFirst Edition will find new and cutting-edge materialincorporated into the text:
* Updated presentations of bioinformatics, multiple comparisons,sample size requirements, parametric linkage analysis, case-controland family-based approaches, and genomic screening
* New methods for analysis of gene-gene and gene-environmentinteractions
* A completely rewritten and updated chapter on determininggenetic components of disease
* New chapters covering molecular genomic approaches such asmicroarray and SAGE analyses using single nucleotide polymorphism(SNP) and cDNA expression data, as well as quantitative trait loci(QTL) mapping

The editors, two of the world's leading genetic epidemiologists,have ensured that each chapter adheres to a consistent and highstandard. Each one includes all-new discussion questions andpractical examples. Chapter summaries highlight key points, and alist of references for each chapter opens the door to furtherinvestigation of specific topics.

Molecular biologists, human geneticists, geneticepidemiologists, and clinical and pharmaceutical researchers willfind the Second Edition a helpful guide to understanding thegenetic basis of human disease, with its new tools for detectingrisk factors and discovering treatment strategies.

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Autor: Jonathan L. Haines
ISBN-13 :: 9780471781134
ISBN: 0471781134
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 512
Sprache: Englisch
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