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Autor: Gary Coxe
ISBN-13: 9780471781219
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Don't Let Others Rent Space in Your Head

Your Guide to Living Well, Overcoming Obstacles, and Winning at Everything in Life
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Praise for Don't Let Others Rent Space in Your Head
"Gary offers rich advice for anyone who wishes to succeed in spiteof his or her failures. Four simple steps may be all that stand inthe way of your dreams becoming a reality. Here's to the good life!Cheers!"
--Robin Leech, TV host

"Gary has developed an uncanny ability to take people to the nextlevel. A must-read for everyone, whether you want to improve yourlife, your sales, or your business. Gary definitely has it figuredout. Well done!"
--Harvey MacKay, New York Times bestselling author of Swim with theSharks Without Being Eaten Alive

"Gary's thought process is one to admire and to achieve. Handlingbig business means changing your mindset, and Gary leads the way.An enjoyable book with great concepts for everyone in business andin personal life. A book you'll want to read twice."
--Gordon "Butch" Stewart, owner of Sandals Resorts

"A powerful and practical approach from someone who truly knowswhat he's talking about. You will be unstoppable after readingGary's no-nonsense ideas on never giving up and becoming moresuccessful."
--Ron Rice, founder, President, and CEO of Hawaiian Tropics

"Gary's book will take you beyond positive thinking and change yourlife for the better."
--Ron Garl, President of Ron Garl Golf Design
Chapter 0: Why Motivation Isn't Always Motivational.

Chapter 1: What Does "Don't Let Others Rent Space In Your Head"Really Mean?

Chapter 2: Inquiring Minds Don't Even Believe It.

Chapter 3: Okay, You Can Rent Spacein Your Head, But Only toGood Tenants!

Chapter 4: You Can't Change What You Don't Acknowledge.

Chapter 5: When Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Drink theLemonade.

Chapter 6: Irrational Optimism.

Chapter 7: The Hoax of Positive Thinking.

Chapter 8: Mental Vertigo--Do You Have it?

Chapter 9: Beware of the Marathon Runner Who Smiles.

Chapter 10: Be Prepared to Abort or Lose an Engine-- ThePower of Negative Thinking.

Chapter 11: Nothing is Good or Bad, but Thinking Makes itso!

Chapter 12: Positive Thinking is a Lie, But it's a Start.

Chapter 13: Rewiring Your Brain--Going Beyond PositiveThinking: The Four-Step Process.

Chapter 14: Feeling Is Believing.

Chapter 15: Play Games With Your Mind Instead of Letting YourMind Play Games With You.

Chapter 16: Acknowledge The Journey.

Chapter 17: It's Time to Re-edit Your Video.

Chapter 18: Energizing your Life In Spite of theObstacles--Pulling It All Together.

Chapter 19: "Fill Your Own Well So Your Cup Can Run Over To HelpOthers".


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Autor: Gary Coxe
ISBN-13 :: 9780471781219
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Seiten: 256
Sprache: Englisch
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