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Autor: Nader Engheta
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Physics and Engineering Explorations
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Leading experts explore the exotic properties and excitingapplications of electromagnetic metamaterials
Metamaterials: Physics and Engineering Explorations givesreaders a clearly written, richly illustrated introduction to themost recent research developments in the area of electromagneticmetamaterials. It explores the fundamental physics, the designs,and the engineering aspects, and points to a myriad of excitingpotential applications. The editors, acknowledged leaders in thefield of metamaterials, have invited a group of leading researchersto present both their own findings and the full array ofstate-of-the-art applications for antennas, waveguides, devices,and components.

Following a brief overview of the history of artificialmaterials, the publication divides its coverage into two majorclasses of metamaterials. The first half of the publicationexamines effective media with single (SNG) and double negative(DNG) properties; the second half examines electromagnetic band gap(EBG) structures. The book further divides each of these classesinto their three-dimensional (3D volumetric) and two-dimensional(2D planar or surface) realizations. Examples of each type ofmetamaterial are presented, and their known and anticipatedproperties are reviewed.

Collectively, Metamaterials: Physics and EngineeringExplorations presents a review of recent research advancesassociated with a highly diverse set of electromagneticmetamaterials. Its multifaceted approach offers readers acombination of theoretical, numerical, and experimentalperspectives for a better understanding of their behaviors andtheir potentialapplications in components, devices, and systems.Extensive reference lists provide opportunities to exploreindividual topics and classes of metamaterials in greaterdepth.

With full-color illustrations throughout to clarify concepts andhelp visualize actual results, this book provides a dynamic,user-friendly resource for students, engineers, physicists, andother researchers in the areas of electromagnetic materials,microwaves, millimeter waves, and optics. It equips newcomers witha basic understanding of metamaterials and their potentialapplications. Advanced researchers will benefit fromthought-provoking perspectives that will deepen their knowledge andlead them to new areas of investigation.

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Autor: Nader Engheta
ISBN-13 :: 9780471784180
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Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 352
Sprache: Englisch
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