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Autor: Joel Saltzman
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Shake That Brain

How to Create Winning Solutions and Have Fun While You're At It
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Joel Saltzman teaches readers how to create "surprising, yetinevitable" solutions, no matter the challenge or task at hand.Easily. Consistently. And economically.
Shake That Brain! is a collection of creative andinspiring tips and tools for finding solutions in a variety ofareas-from sales, marketing, and product creation to ethics,innovation, and the bottom line. Backed by powerful and compellingexamples from a wide variety of real-life applications, JoelSaltzman delivers energy, edge-and lots of fun-as he guides readersthrough a series of proven formulas for creating outstandingsolutions, from harnessing the power of opposite thinking toturning your worst ideas into your best ideas ever. Filled withexercises, easy-to-apply formulas, entertaining pop-quizzes, andeye-opening teaching examples from the world of business,technology, advertising, and more, here's a solution-findingguidebook that can be used for succeeding on the job or athome.

Joel Saltzman is a professional speaker, consultant, andbestselling author. He has conducted Shake That Brain!programs for Grey Advertising International, Harley Davidson, theU.S. Department of the Treasury, and Warner Bros. Studios. His workhas been called "witty and rewarding" by People Magazine and he'sthe recipient of a national Audie award for "Best Educational andTraining Audio." His website is

Part One: Attitude - Or - How to Prepare YourBrain for "New and Improved" Behavior.




4: Learn That MISTAKES Are GREAT.

5: Have FUN with It.

6: Don't Feel Like a NINCOMPOOP.

Part Two: Actions - Or - How to Shake Those NewIdeas Loose.

7: Question Your ASSUMPTIONS.

8: Ask GOOD Questions.

9: Take an "OPPOSITES" Approach.

10: Never Take NO for an ANSWER.

11: Look for ELEGANT Solutions.

12: Try Some EMPATHY.

13: Look for the WORST Solution Possible.


15: Ask Yourself, "What Can I IMITATE?"

16: Ask Yourself, "What Would _______ DO? "

17: Ask STRANGERS for Help.

18: Never Take YES for an ANSWER.

19: WRITE It Down!

20: Walk AWAY from It.

Part Three: Selling - Or - How to Avoid Having toScream, "Why doesn't anyone get this great idea thatcould just win a Nobel Prize!?"

21: Sell It to YOU.

22: Sell It to OTHERS.

23: BUILD It.

24: Demonstrate Its Value with P.O.P.

25: Get SUPPORT for It.

26: Call It Something CATCHY.


28: KEEP Having FUN with It.


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