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Geeks On Call Security and Privacy

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Bringing order to the lawless frontierAlmost daily, the boomtown growth of online activity generates moreopportunities for cybercrime, identity theft, loss of data, andinvasion of your privacy. To this lawless high-tech frontier comesthe cavalry, mounted on (or in) blue PT Cruisers--Geeks On Call.Now they're helping you build that all-important first line ofdefense, with quick, easy-to-follow solutions to the most commonsecurity problems, plus simple steps you can take to protect yourcomputer, your privacy, and your personal information--today.* Keep your virus protection up to date* Identify and remove spyware* Recognize phishing scams* Practice safe chatting and instant messaging* Learn to encrypt data for security* Protect your laptop and wireless connection* Create secure passwords* Safely use public computersGeeks On Call(r) is the premier provider of on-site computerservices. The certified, trained and tested technicians from GeeksOn Call provide expert computer installation and networkingservices, on-site repairs, security solutions and system upgradesfor residential and commercial customers numbering in the hundredsof thousands each year. Founded in 1999, Geeks On Call beganfranchising in 2001. For more information, call 1-800-905-GEEK orvisit Geeks On Call franchises areindependently owned and operated.
Introduction.Part I: Windows Security.Chapter 1: Update Windows and Microsoft Office.Chapter 2: Safeguard Windows.Part II: E-Mail Security.Chapter 3: Protect Outlook Express.Chapter 4: Protect Outlook.Part III: Digital Threats.Chapter 5: Viruses and Worms.Chapter 6: Spyware.Chapter 7: Wireless Threats.Chapter 8: Phishing Scams.Chapter 9: Spam.Chapter 10: Cookies.Part IV: Internet Security.Chapter 11: Safe Web Surfing.Chapter 12: Safe Instant Messaging.Chapter 13: Safe Chatting.Chapter 14: Safe E-Shopping.Chapter 15: Web Safety for Kids.Part V: Data Security.Chapter 16: Passwords and Privacy.Chapter 17: Data Deletion.Chapter 18: Data Encryption.Chapter 19: Data Backup.Part VI: Privacy Protection.Chapter 20: Safely Use Public Computers.Chapter 21: Protect Laptops.Chapter 22: Identity Theft.Glossary.Index.

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