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Autor: Glenn Shepard
ISBN-13: 9780471790976
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How to Be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without

18 Ways to Become Indispensable
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In his previous books, noted management consultant Glenn Shepardshowed managers how to get the most from their workforce. Now, inHow to Be the Employee Your Company Can't Live Without,Shepard shows employees how to get the most from themselves, theirjobs, and their careers.
This practical, actionable guide explains what today's managersare really looking for in employees, what they place the highestvalue on, and how employees can surpass expectations to gain raisesand promotions. Based on common-sense principles that will work foranyone in any career, this practical, real-world guide shows youhow to:
* Answer the one question that will immediately make you a highlyvalued employee
* Excel in your job by simply showing your employer how much youcare about your job
* Create job security by earning a reputation as the mostreliable person around
* Learn the right way to make mistakes
* Develop the kind of professional work ethic that gets youpromoted
* Be the problem-solver companies are looking for
* And take control of your professional destiny!

Millions of Americans feel stuck in dead-end jobs that aregetting them nowhere. Often they think, despite their best efforts,that no one will notice or reward their success. How to Be theEmployee Your Company Can't Live Without shows you how to excelat the office and garner the recognition you've worked hard toearn. Master these principles and apply them every day at work andunlimited success will be your reward.
Chapter 1: First, Understand Why You Need to Be Indispensable.

Chapter 2: Learn What Your Boss Wants from You.

Chapter 3: Be Low Maintenance.

Chapter 4: Answer the Questions Your Boss Didn't Ask.

Chapter 5: Understand the Economic Realities of EmployingPeople.

Chapter 6: Act Like You Own the Place.

Chapter 7: Treat Your Job Like It's Your Lifelong Career, Evenif It's Only a Stepping Stone.

Chapter 8: Become the Most Reliable Person in Your Company.

Chapter 9: Learn the Right Way to Make Mistakes.

Chapter 10: Broaden Your Circle of Influence.

Chapter 11: Adopt the Work Ethic Your Grandparents Had.

Chapter 12: Be a Professional at Whatever You Do.

Chapter 13: Check Your Ego at the Door.

Chapter 14: Take Charge of Your Own Destiny.

Chapter 15: Don't Confuse Education with Knowledge.

Chapter 16: Avoid Learned Helplessness.

Chapter 17: Become a Problem Solver.

Chapter 18: Avoid the Four Career Killers.



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