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Autor: Jack B. Siegel
ISBN-13: 9780471791027
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A Desktop Guide for Nonprofit Directors, Officers, and Advisors

Avoiding Trouble While Doing Good
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How to keep any nonprofit out of trouble, running smoothly, andaccomplishing its mission
"Jack Siegel--lawyer, accountant, management consultant, andcomputer whiz--takes the putative director or officer of anonprofit organization on a useful and often entertaining voyagethroughout the realm of the tax-exempt organizations universe,pointing out its quirks, foibles, and legal liabilities along theway. His handbook will make mandatory--and arresting--reading forthose who are already serving as trustees, directors, officers, andkey employees of exempt organizations, particularly charitableones. Siegel's goal, in which he succeeds, is to help directors andofficers of nonprofit organizations 'make better decisions.' Thebook is full of large policy analyses and paragraphs on thedetails, such as board size, board committees, board meetingformats, the contents of minutes, and the duties of officers.

Salted with some excellent real-life examples, what also sets thisbook apart from most in its genre is the tone: the writing style,the brusqueness, the bluntness. He complains that too manydirectors 'check their good judgment at the boardroom door.' Headvises individuals who 'desire agreement and demand adulation' tostay off boards; he insists on 'commitment' and 'institutionaltension' with the executive director. He warns prospectivedirectors that some organizations want, in addition to time andjudgment, 'either your money or your ability to raise money.' To mydelight, he extols the virtues of 'some level of expenditures' forqualified lawyers and accountants.

Please join me in adding this most helpful handbook to yournonprofit library."
--Bruce R. Hopkins, Attorney at Law, author of The Law ofTax-Exempt Organizations, Eighth Edition and Starting and Managinga Nonprofit Organization: A Legal Guide, Fourth Edition

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Autor: Jack B. Siegel
ISBN-13 :: 9780471791027
ISBN: 0471791024
Verlag: John Wiley & Sons
Seiten: 736
Sprache: Englisch
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