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Autor: Frank J. Lohan
ISBN-13: 9780486135595
Einband: EPUB
Seiten: 256
Sprache: Englisch
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Wildlife Sketching

Dover Art Instruction
Pen, Pencil, Crayon and Charcoal
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For every artist who longs to capture natural beauty, here is a clear guide to realistic drawings. Its 600 illustrations include birds, animals, flowers, and trees, plus tips and techniques.
For every artist who longs to capture the beauty of nature on paper, here is clear, concise instruction on creating true-to-life drawings. Author Frank Lohan, an experienced teacher, stresses perceptive study and analysis. His numerous examples illustrate how to discover the underlying geometric shapes of natural subjects, and they show how to develop sketches that form the basis of realistic compositions.Beginning and advanced artists as well as wildlife enthusiasts will appreciate these 600 images of birds, flowers, trees, animals, reptiles, and amphibians. Step-by-step methods, explained in simple terms, offer guidance on selecting tools and materials; creating perspective drawings; employing pencil, pen, and charcoal techniques; and other approaches.
Introduction1. Tools and MaterialsPencil DrawingPen DrawingPaper2. Drawing TechniquesBasic GuidelinesPencil TechniquesPen TechniquesLoose Drawings Versus TightUsing a Grid to Enlarge, Reduce, or CopyTransferring a Composition Drawing3. Perspective DrawingOne-Point PerspectiveForeshorteningTwo-Point Perspective4. SongbirdsBasic StructureComposition DrawingsDrawing Different PosesDrawing Specific BirdsA Wood Thrush Drawn Three WaysDrawing FlickersDrawing WrensDrawing RobinsAction and Foreground InterestFeathers5. TreesBasic StructureDrawing ElmsPen Sketch of a Black LocustIsolated Trees as Sketch SubjectsSilhouettes of TreesLeaves and BranchesTree Trunks and StumpsQuick Impression SketchesDrawing Evergreen TreesThe Aerial Perspective Effect: Drawing DistanceBackground TreesBarkDecorative Tree Parts6. AnimalsBasic Animal StructureSketching a RaccoonDrawing Animals With Similar ShapesFurDrawing CatsSketching a ChipmunkSketching DeerSketching BearsDrawing Dogs7. FlowersThe Structure ProblemSketching an Iris BlossomSketching a TrilliumDrawing a Wood LilySketching a Jack-in-the-PulpitMany-Petalled FlowersDrawing a ButtercupDrawing Goldenrod and Queen Anne's LaceTiny, Simplified Plant SketchesSketching Dried FlowersSilhouettes of Flowers and PlantsWhen to Show Detail and When to Just Suggest It8. MushroomsThe Many Shapes of MushroomsA Decorative Grouping of MushroomsUsing Ink Wash over Ink Lines9. Water BirdsBasic Approach--Structure of DucksSketching SandpipersThe Ruffed GrouseSketching Herons10. Reptiles and AmphibiansSketching SnakesSketching FrogsDrawing Turtles and SalamandersIn SummaryBibliographyIndex

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Autor: Frank J. Lohan
ISBN-13 :: 9780486135595
ISBN: 0486135594
Verlag: Dover Publications
Seiten: 256
Sprache: Englisch
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