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Autor: Richard Headstrom
ISBN-13: 9780486135724
Einband: EPUB
Seiten: 232
Sprache: Englisch
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Adventures with a Microscope

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Embark on 59 adventures in the natural world: the structures of numerous microscopic animals; what everyday objects really look like at the cellular level; preparing specimens and slides. 142 illustrations.
With a simple microscope and this book, you can embark on 59 wonderful adventures in the natural world — make discoveries about the structures of numerous microscopic animals; find out what everyday objects and foods really look like at the cellular level; gain an understanding of how to prepare specimens and slides; and learn about many scientific phenomena such as how a fly can walk upside down on the ceiling. It's all here in simple-to-understand language and 142 clear line drawings.The author first examines under the microscope such everyday objects as a human hair, air bubble, scale of a herring, poppy seed and sugar crystal, and then offers through-the-microscope views of such creatures and objects as the water flea, hydra, house fly, amoeba, euglena, volvox, diatoms, desmids, algae, blood corpuscles, honey bee, rotifer, water-mites, potato starch, and other food substances, lichen, paramecium, coffee, sponge, chalk, yeast, bacteria, mustard, pepper, bryozoan, moss, mushroom, molds, cotton, and other textile fibers, ferns, dragon-flies, flea, spider, roots, and other plant structures, paper, aphid, fingerprints, nervous system of the grasshopper, and more.Richard Headstrom, formerly associated with the New England Museum of Natural History and an experienced teacher and writer on natural science for young people, has made this book simple enough for any beginner at home as well as interesting for more experienced students and lay readers. Enjoyable and instructive, these adventures with a microscope will appeal to all who are curious about what there is to see beyond the range of the naked eye.
IntroductionUseful Supplies for Your Laboratory Table and ShelfADVENTURENo.1 We Examine Some Common Objects2 We Become Crystal Gazers3 We Hunt a One-Eyed Monster4 We Learn the Meaning of Privacy5 We Follow in the Footsteps of Hercules6 We Learn How a Fly Walks Upside Down7 We Seed the Famous Amœba8 We Meet with a Puzzle of Natural History9 We Dig for Bones in an Ancient Graveyard10 We Make the Acquaintance of the Desmids11 We Find Beauty in Unexpected Places12 We Stab Ourself for Love of Science13 We Go Marketing with a Honey Bee14 We Learn What It Means to be Stung15 We Meet with an Optical Illusion16 We Make the Acquaintance of Eylais17 We Take a Lesson in Food Analysis18 We Raid Our Kitchen19 We Go Bear Hunting20 We Discover a Zoological Radio Station21 We Come Upon a Strange Partnership22 We Meet Some Relatives of the Amœba23 We Encounter Some Strange Animals24 We Learn the Use of Perfume25 We Test Our Morning Coffee26 We Learn Something About Sponges27 We Find Out What Chalk Is Made of28 We Inquire into the Nature of Yeast29 We Go Microbe Hunting30 We Perform a Spicy Experiment31 We Dig for Worms32 We Meet Some More Worms33 We Receive a Pleasant Surprise34 We Examine a Moss Plant35 We Make a Study of Toadstools36 We Become Farmers37 We View the Most Primitive Insects38 We Learn to Distinguish Textile Fibers39 We Trace the Life History of Ferns40 We Observe the Circulation of Blood41 We Do a Bit of Surgery42 We Meet a Champion43 We Inspect a Spinning Machine44 We Acquire Insight into the Structure of Roots45 We Examine an Extraordinary Pipe-Line46 We Tour Through One of Nature's Factories47 We Learn That Flowers Are Not Merely Ornamental48 We Investigate the Structure of Paper49 We Train Our Lens on Two Familiar Creatures50 We Behold an Animal That Swims on Its Back51 We Receive a Lesson in Evolution52 We Perform a Major Operation53 We Prove That Appearances Are Sometimes Deceptive54 We Are Intrigued by a Delightful Relationship55 We Look at the Sun Animalcule56 We Approach the Science of Criminal Detection57 We Solve a Mystery58 We Observe a Wonderful Provision of Nature59 "We See What Makes Animals "Go"

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Autor: Richard Headstrom
ISBN-13 :: 9780486135724
ISBN: 0486135721
Verlag: Dover Publications
Seiten: 232
Sprache: Englisch
Altersempfehlung: 8 - 99 Jahre
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