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Autor: Maurice Detmold
ISBN-13: 9780486136349
Einband: EPUB
Seiten: 96
Sprache: Englisch
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An Edwardian Bestiary

Dover Fine Art, History of Art
87 Color Plates
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This full-color collection of the Detmold brothers ranges from their 1899 debut, Pictures from Birdland, to a 1925 edition of Arabian Nights. Other selections include curious creatures from Aesop's Fables and Fabre's Book of Insects.
A prodigiously talented pair of English twins, the Detmold brothers shared an intense passion for drawing and observing animals. As young children, they began sketching at the Zoological Gardens in London, displayed their work at the Royal Academy by the time they were 13, and published their first book of illustrations soon after. The British art world recognized their unique gift immediately and saw them as a single creative soul residing in two bodies. Their exquisite etchings, watercolors, and pen and ink drawings, rendered in the Japanese style, are remarkable for their fine detail and vivid coloration.This glorious collection of illustrations ranges from the Detmolds' 1899 debut, Pictures from Birdland, to a 1925 edition of the exotic Arabian Nights. Other selections include curious creatures great and small from Aesop's Fables and Fabre's Book of Insects. You'll encounter a meticulously rendered menagerie that includes a slithering python and fierce tiger from The Jungle Book, a vain jackdaw with beautiful plumage, a glistening lizard and butterfly in a garden, a lace-winged praying mantis, and so much more. Collectors of fine art and beautiful books, as well as animal lovers, will treasure this distinctive art from the Golden Age of book illustration.
From Pictures from BirdlandThe Crested CraneThe ToucanThe GallinuleThe PenguinThe GuanThe Ivory-Billed WoodpeckerThe OspreyThe HummingbirdThe CormorantThe OrioleThe PheasantThe Hang NestThe Bateleur EagleThe OwlFrom The Book of Baby PetsThe Green Tree FrogGrey SquirrelLambGuinea PigGoldfishKittenLizardThe "Cordon Bleu"TortoiseChicksKidFrom The Jungle BookThe "Council Rock""Akela" the Lone WolfBaloo in the ForestThe "Cold Lairs"The Monkey Fight"Kaa" the PythonShere Khan in the JungleThe Return of the Buffalo HerdRikki-tikki-tavi and NagElephant-DanceFrom The Fables of AesopThe Hare and the TortoiseThe Oxen and the Axle-treesThe Monkeys and their MotherThe Vain JackdawThe Grasshopper and the OwlThe Lion and the Three BullsThe Eagle and the BeetleThe Goat and the AssThe Fox and the CraneThe Owl and the BirdsThe She-Goats and their BeardsThe Eagle and his CaptorFrom The Book of Baby BeastsThe RatThe HippopotamusThe KangarooFrom Birds and BeastsThe Captive GoldfinchStrange Adventures of a Little White RabbitMisadventures of an OwlFrom The Book of Baby BirdsThe Long-Tailed TitThe MagpieThe Willow WarblerThe Blue TitThe Yellow-HammerThe GannetFrom Hours of GladnessCatasetum and CypripediumsOrchis LatifoliaCoryanthes MaculataKingcupsFrom Birds in Town and VillageGoldfinch and Blue Tit, "The desire for the companionship of birds."Nightingale, ". . . the medicine of its pure, fresh melody."Jay, ". . . inquisitve, perplexed, suspicious, enraged by turns."Wren, ". . . mysterious talk in the leaves."Heron. ". . . the streams are fished by herons."From Fabre's Book of InsectsThe Sacred Beetle.The Cicada.The White-Faced Decticus.Common Wasps.The Field Cricket.Italian Locusts.The Anthrax Fly.From Our Little NeighboursThe Superior CatWhite-tailsThe Independent GoatDucks' WeatherMice, Plain and FancyFrom Rainbow HousesThe Spider and the Wasp"Darling Sugar-Bird, Green and Red""Peep, Little Lizard, Through the Grass"The Praying MantisFrom The Arabian NightsThe next day he sat me behind him on an elephantThe rukh, which fed its young on elephantsThe wolf changed into a cock, which began picking up the grains

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Autor: Maurice Detmold
ISBN-13 :: 9780486136349
ISBN: 0486136345
Verlag: Dover Publications
Seiten: 96
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Ebook, 27,94x21,27x cm