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Autor: Talbot Hughes
ISBN-13: 9780486136356
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Historic English Costumes and How to Make Them

Dover Fashion and Costumes
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This well-researched guide traces the evolution of English fashion for men and women through hundreds of illustrations. More than a history of style, it's a dressmaker's delight, filled with scaled-down patterns for 67 authentic costumes.
As an early-twentieth-century English artist with an interest in historical subjects, Talbot Hughes began collecting clothing for accuracy in his paintings—and the pursuit grew into a labor of love. His magnificent costume collection was eventually displayed in Harrod's and has become a permanent part of the collection of the venerable Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In this well-researched guide, Hughes traces the evolution of English fashions from the grass-cloth wraps of prehistoric times to the luxurious gowns of the Victorian era. Arranged chronologically and by British reigns, this splendid compilation includes over 300 illustrations of period fashions for men and women and 94 photos of historic garments. Pictured are tunics and tights from the thirteenth century, Elizabethan gowns with starched ruff collars, Charles I cavaliers with lace-collared jackets and breeches, a five-century array of boots and shoes, an assortment of elaborate wigs, embroidered waistcoats, quilted petticoats, plumed headdresses, and other dashing designs of the past. More than a history of British style, it's also a dressmaker's delight, with scaled-down patterns for 67 authentic costumes—and a perfect reference for fashion designers, stylists, and historians.
Introduction to the Dover EditionPrefaceList of Collotype PlatesIntroductionChapter I Prehistoric Dress-Female Prehistoric Dress-MaleChapter II The Development of Costume to the Tenth Century-Female The Development of Costume to the Tenth Century-MaleChapter III Tenth to the Fifteenth Century-Female Tenth to the Fifteenth Century-MaleChapter IV Fifteenth Century-Female Fifteenth Century-MaleChapter V Sixteenth Century. Character of Trimmings Sixteenth Century. Henry VIII-Female Sixteenth Century. Henry VIII-Male Sixteenth Century. The Reigns of Edward VI and Mary-Female Sixteenth Century. Elizabeth-Female Sixteenth Century. Elizabeth-MaleChapter VI The Character of Trimmings through the Seventeenth Century James I Charles I The Commonwealth Charles II James II and William and Mary Seventeenth Century. James I-Female Seventeenth Century. James I-Male Seventeenth Century. Charles I-Female Seventeenth Century. Charles I-Male Seventeenth Century. The Commonwealth-Male and Female Seventeenth Century. Charles II-Female Seventeenth Century. Charles II-Male Seventeenth Century. James II-Female Seventeenth Century. James II-Male Seventeenth Century. William and Mary-Female Seventeenth Century. William and Mary-MaleChapter VII The Character of Decoration and Trimmings of the Eighteenth Century Eighteenth Century. Anne-Female Eighteenth Century. Anne-Male Eighteenth Century. George I-Female Eighteenth Century. George I-Male Eighteenth Century. George II-Female Eighteenth Century. George II-Male Eighteenth Century. George III to 1800-Female Eighteenth Century. George III to 1800-MaleChapter VIII Character of Trimmings of the Nineteenth Century Nineteenth Century. George III-Female Nineteenth Century. George III-Male Nineteenth Century. George IV-Female Nineteenth Century. George IV, 1820-30-Male Nineteenth Century. William IV-Female Nineteenth Century. William IV-Male Nineteenth Century. Victoria-Female Nineteenth Century. Victoria-MalePatterns of Various Reigns from Antique CostumePatterns to Scale" " Detailed ListIndex

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Autor: Talbot Hughes
ISBN-13 :: 9780486136356
ISBN: 0486136353
Verlag: Dover Publications
Seiten: 432
Sprache: Englisch
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