Basic Physics & Measurement in Anaesthesia

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1. Pressure
2. Fluid flow
3. Volume and flow measurement
4. The gas laws
5. Natural exponential functions
6. Solubility
7. Diffusion and osmosis
8. Work, energy and power
9. Temperature
10. Heat capacity and latent heat
11. Vaporizers
12. Humidification
13. The sine wave and wave patterns
14. Electricity
15. Biological electrical potentials:
their display and recording
16. Electrical safety
17. Blood pressure measurement
18. Oxygen measurement
19. Hydrogen ion and carbon dioxide
20. Further techniques of gas and vapour
21. Gas supplies
22. Breathing and scavenging systems
23. Fires and explosions
24. Isotopes and radiation
25. Presentation and handling of data, basic
measurement concepts
26. Assessment of awareness during anaesthesia
Revisions for this edition will include latest equipment and review of technical features, new European regulations, expanded EEG and infusion chapters, updated illustrations and new ones added, thorough review to cover FRCA requirements.
  • Offers a comprehensive guide to physical principles and their clinical application in anesthesia to help the reader practice safe and reliable anesthesia.
  • Uses clinical examples throughout to aid in understanding.
  • Provides practical advice on essential measurement and monitoring using the latest equipment and technology.
  • Covers all topics related to equipment, physics and clinical measurement.
  • Presents easy to understand information in a highly readable format with figures throughout to illustrate equipment and principles.
  • Updated throughout to provide the most current information.
  • Includes a new chapter on Assessment of awareness during anaesthesia (Ch. 26).

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