The Maritime Engineering Reference Book: A Guide to Ship Design, Construction and Operation [With CDROM]

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ANTHONY F. MOLLAND is Emeritus Professor of Ship Design at the University of Southampton. Professor Molland has extensively researched and published papers on ship design and ship hydrodynamics including ship rudders and control surfaces, propellers and ship resistance components. He also acts as a consultant to industry in these subject areas and has gained international recognition through presentations at conferences and membership of committees of the International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC). Professor Molland is the co-author of Ship Resistance and Propulsion (2017) and editor of the Maritime Engineering Reference Book (2008).
1The marine environment
2Marine vehicle types
3Flotation and stability
4Ship structures
6 Marine engines and auxiliary machinery
9 Ship design, construction and operation
10Underwater vehicles
11Marine safety
12Glossary of terms and definitions
The Maritime Engineering Reference Book is a one-stop source for engineers involved in marine engineering and naval architecture. In this essential reference, Anthony F. Molland has brought together the work of a number of the world's leading writers in the field to create an inclusive volume for a wide audience of marine engineers, naval architects and those involved in marine operations, insurance and other related fields.

Coverage ranges from the basics to more advanced topics in ship design, construction and operation. All the key areas are covered, including ship flotation and stability, ship structures, propulsion, seakeeping and maneuvering. The marine environment and maritime safety are explored as well as new technologies, such as computer aided ship design and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Facts, figures and data from world-leading experts makes this an invaluable ready-reference for those involved in the field of maritime engineering.

Professor A.F. Molland, BSc, MSc, PhD, CEng, FRINA. is Emeritus Professor of Ship Design at the University of Southampton, UK. He has lectured ship design and operation for many years. He has carried out extensive research and published widely on ship design and various aspects of ship hydrodynamics.

* A comprehensive overview from best-selling authors including Bryan Barrass, Rawson and Tupper, and David Eyres
* Covers basic and advanced material on marine engineering and Naval Architecture topics
* Have key facts, figures and data to hand in one complete reference book

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