Jane Austen: pocket GIANTS
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Jane Austen: pocket GIANTS

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Caroline Sanderson
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There’s something about Jane…

Jane Austen lived only just into her forties, never married, never had children, lived all her life in the south of England and rarely strayed far from the genteel and orthodox social circle into which she was born. She completed only six novels, and achieved little fame in her lifetime.

Yet 200 years after her death, she remains one of our most revered writers, and one of the most regularly adapted for television and film. Her novels are beloved by readers all over the world who continue to be inspired, beguiled and delighted by her often comic, and always shrewd insights into the calculations, and complexities of human hearts and minds.

This short biography aims to get to the heart of the enigmatic woman who was Jane Austen, and to the enduring qualities in her work which make it so universally loved and admired.

CAROLINE SANDERSON has done jobs in both bookselling and publishing and now works as a writer, editor and books journalist. She is the author of three works of non-fiction: Someone Like Adele, Kiss Chase & Conkers: The Games We Played; and: A Rambling Fancy: In the Footsteps of Jane Austen, a travel book about Jane Austen’s life and locations.

Caroline’s articles, book reviews and author interviews have appeared in The Times, The Independent on Sunday, Mslexia, newbooks and Books for Keeps. She is non-fiction editor of The Bookseller, the weekly magazine for the UK book trade. Caroline is a regular broadcaster, and public speaker to WI & Probus groups, and also regularly chairs events at book festivals. She is a judge for the 2013 Costa Biography Award.

Caroline lives in Gloucestershire with one husband and two children, in a house with too few bookshelves. When not reading or writing, she tries to improve her bad Flamenco dancing.

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