A 1950s Holiday in Bognor Regis
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A 1950s Holiday in Bognor Regis

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Sylvia Endacott
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Bognor Regis is situated on the south coast of Britain overlooking the English Channel. After more than two centuries as a seaside resort, the town is still attracting visitors, in no small part due to the clarity of its air. On the 18th of January 1787, the resort's founder, Sir Richard Hotham, laid a foundation stone marking the town as a "public bathing place ", a description that Bognor Regis has continued to earn and enjoy ever since.
Throughout the decades seaside holidays have changed to reflect current fashions. Bognor Regis has been no different; rather like the ebb and flow of the tide, visitor numbers have risen, fallen and risen again according to the various fashions of the day. Accessibility by train from London was a major contributor to the number of visitors in the resort's early years. Coaches and Sunday school outings then came into prominence, followed eventually by the arrival of the car. As leisure time and money became more plentiful for all, a Sunday outing was replaced by a week at the seaside, then a fortnight's break. Today many people choose Bognor Regis for a weekend away or a four day mid-week break, spending their main holiday time abroad as is the current fashion.

Whatever the reason, the attraction of the sea is still strong and will continue to draw people from the towns and cities to the beaches for a paddle in the sea.

Bognor Regis continues to attract visitors to its friendly beaches and by its regular appearance at the top of the National Sunshine League.

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