HMS Caroline
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HMS Caroline

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Having undergone extensive restoration to her 1916 appearance at the Battle of Jutland, HMS Caroline now offers a fantastic visitor experience and is available to explore in Belfast. This, the official guidebook to the ship, tells her story. A light cruiser, HMS Carolne is one of only three major warships remaining from hundreds that served with the Royal Navy during the First World War. She is also, significantly, the last survivor of the Battle of Jutland, which took place in 1916 and is arguably the greatest naval battle in history. Caroline's career continued after the war. She 'showed the flag' around the Indian Ocean before permanently berthing in Belfast as home to the Royal Navy Reserve's Ulster Division. During the Second World War she acted as a codebreaking centre and a floating headquarters for North Atlantic convoy escort ships. When decommissionedin 2011, she was the Royal Navy's second longest-serving warship, after Nelson's flagship HMS Victory.

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