Wolf's Lair
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Wolf's Lair

Inside Hitler's East Prussian HQ
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Ian Baxter
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An insight into the inner workings of Hitler's secret headquarters
The Wolf's Lair was the most important German command post building during the Second World War. Orders sent from these secret headquarters would play a massive part in the outcome of the War. Ian Baxter looks in to the inner workings of Hitler's headquarters, highlighting the decisions that were made and analysing how they came about. Baxter not only utilises published works, unpublished records, military documents and archives on the subject, but also digs deep into the contemporary writings of Hitler's closest personal staff, seeking to disentangle the truth through letters written by wives, friends, adjutants, private secretaries, physicians, and of course his military staff. Baxter extensively examines life within the F?hrerhauptquartiere, where from behind closed doors, inside the claustrophobic atmosphere of the bunkers Hilter planned and gossiped with his associates. However, as defeat loomed, Hitler surrounded himself not with his intimate circle of friends, but what he considered were illiterate soldiers. Baxter shows how Hitler's contempt for his war staff grew. It describes, during the onset of the traumatic German military reverses in Russia, how Hitler stood unbowed in the face of the enemy, and how he tried to infuse determination into his generals and friends, despite his rapid deterioration in health.

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