All the Countries We've Ever Invaded
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All the Countries We've Ever Invaded

And the Few We Never Got Round To
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Stuart Laycock
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Out of 193 countries currently recognised by the UN, we’ve invaded 158. That’s an amazing 82%!
Azerbaijan won this year’s Eurovision. Don’t know where it is? You should, because we invaded it for its oil almost a hundred years ago.
Every Summer, hordes of British tourists now invade Corfu and the other Ionian islands. Find out how we first invaded them armed with cannon instead of cameras and set up the Unites States of the Ionian Islands.
A Scottish invasion of Central America helped bankrupt Scotland and drive it into union with England.
You’ll have heard of the American war in Vietnam, and maybe even the French war, but what do you know about the British invasion of Vietnam?
This book illustrates what a truly awe-inspiring power, for bad and for good, our country has been right across the world. A lot of people are vaguely aware that a quarter of the globe was once pink, but that’s not even half the story. We’re a stroppy, dynamic, irrepressible nation and this is how we changed the world, even when it didn’t ask to be changed!

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