Johannes Cabal: The Fear Institute

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Praise for JOHANNES CABAL THE NECROMANCER: 'Unique and very, very funny... This is the sort of book that you want to rush around all your friends' Amanda Rutter on; 'This is good fantasy, witty, smart and slightly satirical' Robert Grant, Literary Editor of; 'Populated with some of the most creative, and odd, characters to be found in fantasy' Jennie Blake; 'Will keep you guessing to the last page... A pure joy to read' Falcata Times ; 'In Johannes Cabal he has created a thoroughly unpleasant lead character who somehow the reader is rooting for - a real achievement' Fortean Times ; 'Very funny, but there are some serious, even sad moments... I haven't enjoyed a book so much for a long time' Tina Rath, Voices from the Vaults , the Dracula Society; 'The language is clever and rich with literary allusions and cunning humor - sort of a restrained Lemony Snicket for adults... For anyone whose taste edges toward the intelligent and macabre, this book is a gift' Fangoria; 'He's (Johannes) certainly enigmatic, but there's no doubting one thing: he's an unforgettable creation. If you like Tom Holt and Terry Pratchett, make room on your shelves' 5star review -
Das dritte schräge Abenteuer des düsteren Helden Johannes Cabal. Wer Tote zum Leben erwecken kann, ist schon mal klar im Vorteil. Doch ob einem das hilft, die Verkörperung alle Ängste zur Strecke zu bringen, wird sich für Johannes Cabal in diesem Fall, in dem nichts so ist, wie es scheint, zeigen.

Johannes Cabal and his rather inexact powers of necromancy are back once more. This time, his talents are purchased by The Fear Institute as they hunt for the Phobic Animus - the embodiment of fear.

The three Institute members, led by Cabal and his Silver Key, enter the Dreamlands and find themselves pursued by walking trees plagued with giant ticks, stone men that patrol the ruins of their castles, cats that feed on human flesh and phobias which torment and devastate. The intrepid explorers are killed off one by one as they traipse through this obfuscating and frustrating world, where history itself appears to alter. Cabal, annoyed that the quest is becoming increasingly heroic, finds himself alone with the Institute's only remaining survivor, and after a shockingly violent experiment, begins to suspect that not everything is quite as it seems...

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