Ninja's Path
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Ninja's Path

Inspirational Sayings for the Silent Assassin
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Kutyuso Deep
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With seventy illustrations portraying the simple joys of the ninja lifestyle, this concise and elegantly designed book gives ninjas messages of peace and illumination in the virtues, rewards, ideals, and emotions of their chosen profession—silent assassination.
The Ninja’s Path is for anyone who understands that the “wellness” messages typically spouted by the world leave the silent assassin a castrated version of his former self, overflowing with useless emotions like compassion and love.


Kutyuso Deep calls on all ninjas—aspiring and professional—to ignore all that! Instead, with this book in hand, they can finally focus on the pure and simple pleasures that come from intimidating those around them, stalking a target from the shadows, or eviscerating an enemy in his sleep.


Ninjas can now turn their attention to the seven pillars of ninjitsu wellness—Social, Occupational, Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional, Environmental, and Physical—as poetically described and exquisitely illustrated in this book. Each pillar is represented by ten core values for which the author has provided an inspirational saying and illustration to help reveal how each value applies to the ninja.

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