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Autor: Nancy Foner
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New York and Amsterdam

Immigration and the New Urban Landscape
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Immigration is dramatically changing major cities throughout the world. Nowhere is this more so than in New York City and Amsterdam, which, after decades of large-scale immigration, now have populations that are more than a third foreign-born. These cities have had to deal with the challenge of incorporating hundreds of thousands of immigrants whose cultures, languages, religions, and racial backgrounds differ dramatically from those of many long-established residents. New York and Amsterdam brings together a distinguished and interdisciplinary group of American and Dutch scholars to examine and compare the impact of immigration on two of the world’s largest urban centers.  The original essays in this volume discuss how immigration has affected social, political, and economic structures, cultural patterns, and intergroup relations in the two cities, investigating how the particular, and changing, urban contexts of New York City and Amsterdam have shaped immigrant and second generation experiences. Despite many parallels between  New York and Amsterdam, the differences stand out,  and  juxtaposing essays on immigration in the two cities helps to illuminate the essential issues that today’s immigrants and their children confront. Organized around five main themes, this bookoffers an in-depth view of the impact of immigration as it affects particular places, with specific histories, institutions, and immigrant populations. New York and Amsterdam profoundly contributes to our broader understanding of the transformations wrought by immigration and the dynamics of urban change, providing new insights into how—and why— immigration’s effects differ on the two sides of the Atlantic.
Acknowledgments  IntroductionJan Rath, Nancy Foner, Jan Willem Duyvendak, and Rogier van ReekumPart I 1. Immigration History and the Remaking of New YorkNancy Foner 2. To Amsterdam: Migrations Past and Present Leo LucassenPart II 3. Immigrants in New York City’s Economy: A Portrait in Full Living ColorDavid Dyssegaard Kallick 4. From Amsterdamned to I Amsterdam: The Amsterdam Economy and Its Impact on the Labor Market Position of Migrants, 1980–2010Robert C. KloostermanPart III 5. Nativism, Racism, and Immigration in New York City Mary C. Waters 6. Governing through Religion in AmsterdamJustus Uitermark, Jan Willem Duyvendak, and Jan RathPart IV 7. The Rise of Immigrant Influence in New York City PoliticsJohn Mollenkopf 8. Immigrant Political Engagement and Incorporation in AmsterdamFloris Vermeulen, Laure Michon, and Jean TilliePart V 9. Immigrants, the Arts, and the “Second-Generation Advantage” in New YorkPhilip Kasinitz 10. Immigrant Youths’ Contribution to Urban Culture in AmsterdamChristine Delhaye, Sawitri Saharso, and Victor van de VenAbout the Contributors Index
·         “Well-written essays… illuminating.” – Roger Waldinger, author of Still the Promised City? ·         “Moving beyond analyses that focus on immigrants’ individual characteristics or group differences… A fascinating read!” – Irene Bloemraad, author of Becoming a Citizen

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Autor: Nancy Foner
ISBN-13 :: 9780814737972
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Verlag: NYU Press
Seiten: 336
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