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Autor: Shenetta Marie
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Her The Conclusion

3, Her Series
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Whoever said that all a person needed to be happy was unconditional love was a lie. Being in love is one of the most complicated things to do in this world.
Divine knew that better than anyone. She has finally accepted the fact that she is now a single mother raising two kids on her own. In the process she finds herself on an emotional rollercoaster trying to put back the pieces of her life. With every obstacle that she faces she finds herself looking over her shoulders wondering if Promise is lurking in the shadows.

Cherokee’s emotions are at an all time high wondering where she and Sincere stand in their relationship. In the process she has to blossom out of her good girl shell doing the unthinkable all the while praying that she gets back the life they once shared together. 

Come continue on a ride with these best friends through their final journey of sex, murder, betrayal, lies and family ties to see if all they need is unconditional love to survive on the streets of The Land.

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Autor: Shenetta Marie
ISBN-13 :: 9780985149963
ISBN: 0985149965
Verlag: A Divine Production
Seiten: 224
Sprache: Englisch
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