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Autor: Victoria E. Jones
ISBN-13: 9780985166458
Einband: Ebook
Seiten: 324
Sprache: Englisch
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eBook Format: Windows
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Things done in the dark don't just come to light; they come to Reason. The horrific news of the murder-suicide that orphaned eight-year-old, Jean, sent the town into a panic, and separated best friends, Jean and Sincere. No one questioned Jean's sudden disappearance after she was found beside her Daddy's body and covered in his blood. Sincere, too, lost herself that fateful day and was left to be raised by Mama Kinney, who has been hiding the depths of her own emotional wounds.
Everyone in the town moved on, or so they thought, until Miranda, a woman with a striking resemblance to Jean, moves into Reason, pulling the stitches out of a septic wound and stepping into it. Miranda is hell-bent on revenge and meting out justice to all who deserve. The town will have to revisit the cataclysmic events of that tragic day and accept punishment for their roles, however minor they may seem. Sincere might be the only one with the power and knowledge to soothe Miranda's blood thirst, but Sincere has her own demons to conquer. Will she stop Miranda in time, or will Miranda send Reason into shock, and leave with blood on her hands, again?

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Autor: Victoria E. Jones
ISBN-13 :: 9780985166458
ISBN: 0985166452
Verlag: A Million Thoughts Publishing
Seiten: 324
Sprache: Englisch
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