Family Treasure
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Family Treasure

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Jessica Tastet
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Harper Ames believes she finally has her life together, leaving childhood tragedy in the past where it rightfully belongs. But with an unforeseen twist of luck, she lands right back in her childhood home where her granddaddy is literally trying to dig up one-hundred-fifty-year-old family secrets in the backyard.            Emmett has been going through the motions of being the good grandson and son his entire life, but nothing has ever felt right for him since he was a child growing up with the two Ames girls next door. After the tragedy spurred on its own fifteen-year civil war between the two families, he has yearned for the happiness that he hasn’t experienced since his time with Harper.            But now that Harper’s back helping her granddaddy search for family heirlooms lost during the Civil War, can Emmett dig up the past and manufacture a truce that will allow him to get back to that place he’s longed for since that terrible day? Can Harper let go of the past as painlessly as the memories that are slipping from her granddaddy’s dementia-riddled mind?            To get to the place they both want, they must uncover the lies, confront the past, and realize what is the real FAMILY TREASURE.

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