The Travel Effect
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The Travel Effect

A Path for Adventure, Opportunity, and Transformation
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Stephen Baccari
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Have you ever wanted to change your reality? Have you ever felt that your current environment was limiting you from success? Have you ever wanted to transform your life by going somewhere foreign, but were unable to do so because of fears around money, security, and time?
After realizing that his outlook on life was making him miserable, Stephen Baccari started asking the following questions: How can I learn to love and respect myself? How do I uncover my passions? How do I create a life that I’m proud of?

In The Travel Effect, Baccari combines his around-the-world adventures with practical advice for anyone who wants to become a Mindful Traveler and discover any destination. This book is essential reading for individuals who are passionate about connecting with themselves, other people, and foreign cultures.
Preface, Introduction, Step 1-Developing an Open Mindset, Step 2-Creating Intentions, Step 3-Preparation, Step 4-Immersion, Step 5-Reflection, Conclusion, Join The Travel Effect Community, Acknowledgements, Bonus Gift, About the Author

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