Water Justice

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1. Introduction: the multiple challenges and layers of water justice struggles Rutgerd Boelens, Jeroen Vos and Tom Perreault; Part I. Re-Politicizing Water Allocation: 2. Water governance as a question of justice: politics, rights and representation Dik Roth, Margreet Zwarteveen, K. C. Joy and Seema Kulkarni; 3. Water grabbing: practices of contestation and appropriation of water resources in the context of expanding global capital Gert Jan Veldwisch, Jennifer Franco and Lyla Mehta; 4. De-politicized policy analysis: how the prevailing frameworks of analysis slight equity in water governance Andrea K. Gerlak and Helen Ingram; 5. Urban water and sanitation injustice: an analytical framework Ben Crow; Part II. Hydrosocial De-Patterning and Re-Composition: 6. '⿿ And not a single injustice remains': hydro-territorial colonization and techno-political transformations in Spain Erik Swyngedouw and Rutgerd Boelens; 7. Making space for the Cauca River in Colombia: inequalities and environmental citizenship Renata Moreno-Quintero and Theresa Selfa; 8. Reconfiguration of hydrosocial territories and water justice struggles Lena Hommes, Rutgerd Boelens, Bibiana Duarte-Abadía, Juan Pablo Hidalgo and Jaime Hoogesteger; 9. Large-scale dam development and counter movements: water justice struggles around Guatemala's Chixoy Dam Barbara Rose Johnston; Part III. Exclusion and Struggles for Co-Decision: 10. Indigenous people and water governance in Canada: regulatory injustice and prospects for reform Karen Bakker, Rosie Simms, Nadia Joe and Leila Harris; 11. Sanitation justice? The multiple dimensions of urban sanitation inequalities Maria Rusca, Cecilia Alda-Vidal and Michelle Kooy; 12. Uniting diversity to build Europe's water movement Right2Water Jerry van den Berge, Rutgerd Boelens and Jeroen Vos; 13. Everyday water injustice and the politics of accommodation Frances Cleaver; 14. Sharing our water: inclusive development and glocal water justice in the Anthropocene Joyeeta Gupta; Part IV. Governmentality, Discourses and Struggles over Imaginaries and Water Knowledge: 15. Neoliberal water governmentalities, virtual water trade, and contestations Jeroen Vos and Rutgerd Boelens; 16. Critical ecosystem infrastructure: governing the forest-water nexus in the Kenyan Highlands Connor Joseph Cavanagh; 17. The meaning of mining, the memory of water: collective experience as environmental justice Tom Perreault; 18. New spaces for water justice? Groundwater extraction and changing gendered subjectivities in Morocco's Saïss region Lisa Bossenbroek and Margreet Zwarteveen; 19. Conclusions: struggles for justice in a changing water world Tom Perreault, Rutgerd Boelens and Jeroen Vos; Index.
An overview of critical conceptual approaches to water justice, illustrated with global historic and contemporary case studies of socio-environmental struggles.

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