Empire of Sentiment: The Death of Livingstone and the Myth of Victorian Imperialism

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Prologue; Introduction; 1. 'A Parliament of philanthropy': the fight to bury Livingstone; 2. Laying to rest a Victorian myth: The 'lost heart of the nation', Victorian sentimentality and the rebirth of moral imperialism; 3. A perfect savagery: the Livingstone martyrs and the tree of death on Africa's 'highway to hell'; 4. The graveyard of ambition: missionary wars, bachelor colonialism and white memorials, Chitambo, 1900â¿"1913; 5. White settlers, frontier-chic and colonial racism: how Livingstone's three Cs fell apart; 6. 'The hearts of good men': 1973, the one party state and the struggle against apartheid; 7. 'Chains of remembrance': Livingstone, sentimental imperialism and Britain's Africa conversation, 1913â¿"2013; Conclusion.
An innovative study proposing a new history of the British Empire in Africa by exploring the emotion culture of imperialism.

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