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China CEO

Voices of Experience from 20 International Business Leaders
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Juan Antonio Fernandez
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CHINA CEO: Voices of Experience From 20 InternationalBusiness Leaders is based on interviews with 20 topexecutives and eight experienced consultants based in China. Thebook is packed with first-hand, front-line advice from veterans ofthe China market. Hear directly from the top executives heading upthe China operations of Bayer, British Petroleum, Coca-Cola,General Electric, General Motors, Philips, Microsoft, Siemens, Sonyand Unilever, plus expert China-based consultants at BostonConsulting Group, Korn/Ferry International, McKinsey & Company,and many more.
Each chapter provides practical tips and easy to grasp modelsthat will help new managers in China to be effective. InCHINA CEO, we deliver what other Western authorscan't - first-hand reflections based on over 100 years'collective experience in China. The book presents this richknowledge in a readable, conversational style suitable fortime-constrained executives. Each chapter gives specific advice onhow to manage Chinese employees, work with Chinese businesspartners, communicate with headquarters, face competitors, battleintellectual property rights infringers, win-over Chineseconsumers, negotiate with the Chinese government, and adaptyourself (and your family) to life in China.
Foreword: China: A Must-win Market.

Introduction: Opportunity and Challenge.

Chapter 1. Qualities of a Successful International Manager inChina.

Chapter 2. Managing Chinese Employees.

Chapter 3. Working with Business Partners.

Chapter 4. Communicating with Headquarters.

Chapter 5. Facing Competitors.

Chapter 6. Battling Intellectual Property Rights Infringers.

Chapter 7. Winning Over Chinese Consumers.

Chapter 8. Negotiating with the Chinese Government.

Chapter 9. Living in China.

Chapter 10. Conclusion.

Appendix: Research Methodolgy.


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