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China CEO

A Case Guide for Business Leaders in China
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Juan Antonio Fernandez
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CHINA CEO: A Case Guide for Business Leaders in China
Some Western business leaders are moving into China without anyclear knowledge of the many pitfalls they will encounter: the weakrule of law, forceful governmental intervention, a scarcity ofmanagerial talent, the likelihood of counterfeiting, the fast pacedbusiness environment and surprisingly aggressive local competitors.This book uses case studies to both illuminate and examine thesekey managerial challenges. Each case focuses on a specific topicand is complemented with commentaries from professors andexecutives who have extensive front-line experience in China. Thecases are the product of three-year research and are well-tested inMBA and executive courses.

The authors' philosophy is that readers can learn mosteffectively through the experience of others captured in realcases! The book includes a broad range of companies, such asEmerson, Eli Lily, General Motors, Peugeot, Carrefour,Daimler-Chrysler, Picanol. It also includes more personalexperiences concerning the many challenges of expatriate-living inChina , some of whom have started their own businesses.

The book provides concise but insightful analysis to helpreaders to get the most from the case studies. As a result, thisbook will help you get better prepared to face the variedchallenges you will find in China. These cases complement thematerial presented in a previous work, China CEO: Voices ofExperience from 20 International Business Leaders, also publishedby John Wiley & Sons.
Introduction xi

Acknowledgements xix

1 Leadership in China: Putting the heart where the mind is1

Introduction 2

Case study: Emerson Electric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd 7


Howard Ward, Professor of Management, CEIBS 26

Gousheng Zhu, Operation General Manager, BOC China 30

2 Human resources in China: Chasing the runaway bride35

Introduction 36

Case study: Eli Lilly and Company, China affiliate, war fortalent 42


William H. Mobley, Professor of Management, CEIBS 58

Founder of Mobley Group Pacific Limited

Angeli Kwauk, Area Director of Human Resources, China GrandHyatt Shanghai 60

Xiaotong Li, HR Director, Shared Service Organization 64

Henkel (China) Investment Co. Ltd

3 Joint ventures: Dancing the Chinese tango 69

Introduction 70

Case study: Guangzhou Peugeot Automobile Co., Ltd 76


Per V. Jenster, Professor of Management, CEIBS 88

Wei Joo Chai, Factory Manager, Shanghai Kerry Oils and GrainsIndustries Ltd 91

4 Dealing with headquarters: The art of juggling 99

Introduction 100

Case study: Picanol China 106


Willem P. Burgers, Professor of Marketing and Strategy, BayerHealthcare Chair in Strategy and Marketing, CEIBS 125

Hans-Peter Bouvard, Director Business Dev. Northern Asia Reichle+ De-Massari Far East (Pte) Ltd 128

Gary An, General Manager, Amphenol East Asia ElectronicTechnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, Amphenol Commercial Products(Chengdu) Co., Ltd 131

5 Counterfeiters in China: Catch me if you can 135

Introduction 136

Case study: GM China versus Chery, disputes over intellectualproperty rights 141


Gerald E. Fryxell, Professor of Management, CEIBS 155

Doug Ho Song, Managing Director, Doosan Leadership Institute,Doosan Group 157

6 Chinese consumers: The new kids on the block 161

Introduction 162

Case study: Mercedes-Benz and Wuhan Wild Animal Park 168


Dongsheng Zhou, Professor of Marketing, CEIBS 179

Yufeng Zhao, General Manager, Progress Strategy Consulting Co.,Ltd 182

7 Government relationship: Playing Chinese poker 187

Introduction 188

Case study: Carrefour China, revamping business to follow localrules 193


Thomas E. Callarman, Professor of Operations Management, CEIBS209

Sergiy Lesnyak, Chief Representative, Ferrexpo Group in China211

Xuezheng Li, Global Sales Director, Beijing BOE OptoelectronicsTechnology Co., Ltd, Former Chief Public Relations Officer, BOETechnology Group Co., Ltd. 124

8 Expatriates in China: Lost in translation 219

Introduction 220

Case study: The lollypop that turned bitter, the experience ofan expatriate couple in China 225


Bala Ramasamy, Professor of Economics, CEIBS 240

Bettina Ganghofer, Deputy General Manager, Shanghai PudongInternational Airport Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd (Lufthansa JV)243

9 Foreign entrepreneurs: Chasing the China dream 247

Introduction 248

Case study: Personal reflections of three foreign entrepreneursin China 254


Dingkun Ge, Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, CEIBS274

Shaun Rein, Managing Director, China Market Research Group (CMR)277

Index 283

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