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Stop the Investing Rip-off

How to Avoid Being a Victim and Make More Money
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David B. Loeper
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The questions every investor should ask before parting withtheir hard-earned cash
This book serves as an advocate of the consumer and brings tolight what insiders know about the side of the sales pitches thatconsumers don't, but need to hear. Stop the InvestingRip-Off reveals the questions every investor should ask duringa financial sales pitch before they pull the trigger and buy thenext mutual fund, stock, advisory service, or other investmentproduct.

Based on David Loeper's nearly twenty-five years of experienceof seeing the inner workings of the industry, this updated editionof his classic book offers new strategies based on the performanceof the stock market over the past two years.
* Sheds light on the oft unseen deceit of the financial servicesindustry
* An updated and revised edition of the bestselling Stop theInvesting Rip-Off
* Written by David Loeper who is regularly quoted inKiplinger's Money and Investment News and regularitycontributes to Forbes Intelligent Investing

Stop the Investing Rip-Off, Revised and Updated is filledwith advice for investors who want to avoid becoming victims ofsmooth talking salespeople and the effective advertising andmarketing campaigns designed to evade reality and prey on youremotional desires.
Preface ix

Acknowledgments xix

Chapter 1 Major Brokerage Firms 1

Chapter 2 Investment Advisers 19

Chapter 3 Hybrids--Advisory Services Provided throughBrokerages 27

Chapter 4 Discount Brokers 33

Chapter 5 Financial Planners and Wealth Managers 43

Chapter 6 The Financial Press 49

Chapter 7 The Broadcast Media 55

Chapter 8 Authors, Self-Help Books, and Financial Celebrities61

Chapter 9 Mutual Funds and ETFs 73

Chapter 10 Insurance Agents (and Insurance Companies)87

Chapter 11 Your Company-Endorsed Retirement Plan Adviser119

Chapter 12 Banks and Trust Companies 123

Chapter 13 Software, Web Sites, and Financial Educators127

Chapter 14 Pitches They All Use to Sacrifice Your Life139

Chapter 15 Resources to Protect Yourself 161

Conclusion 179

Appendix A The Other Millionaire You Make with 2.5 PercentExcess Fees 181

Appendix B The Other Millionaire You Make with 1.5 PercentExcess Fees 185

About the Author 189

Index 191

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