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Stop the Retirement Rip-off

How to Keep More of Your Money for Retirement
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David B. Loeper
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A detailed guide for avoiding the pitfalls of retirementfunding
In Stop the Retirement Rip-Off, author David Loeperprovides the necessary tools for investors to take action and makethe most of their retirement plans. It offers a road map foremployees to understand the fees and costs associated with theirplans; document the excesses in a presentation to management; thenorganize themselves to protest and, if necessary, bring thedocumentation to the Labor Department in a complaint.

Written in a straightforward and accessible style, this book isfilled with sensible strategies for making the most of retirementfunds and putting future retirees back on the right financialtrack.
* Filled with strategies that can help employees stand up andsecure their financial future
* Addresses how to make the most of your money, and your life,after fixing your retirement plan
* Outlines a practical approach to understanding yourorganization's retirement plan and overcoming its potentialinefficiencies

This important book contains the much-needed information thatemployees need to plan for retirement and ensure a secure financialfuture.
Preface xi

Acknowledgments xvii

Introduction Make the Most of Your Life! 1

Chapter 1 Why Fees Matter--The Coming "Retirement PlanSticker Shock" 11

Chapter 2 Types of Expenses Dragging Down Your Retirement Funds25

Chapter 3 The Price to Your Lifestyle of Needless Expenses39

Chapter 4 Complaining Without Sounding Like a Complainer 55

Chapter 5 Rallying Your Troops--Just One Coworker Can Help63

Chapter 6 What Happens If My Employer Ignores Us? 69

Chapter 7 Now That My Retirement Plan Is Fixed, How Can I Makethe Most of My Life? 79

Chapter 8 Resources, Investment Selection, Asset Allocation,Tools, and Advice 91

Chapter 9 How Much is That Guarantee in the Window? 121

Chapter 10 Hidden Expenses in Government Union and Some 403(b)Plans 131

Chapter 11 Summary 137

Appendix A Lifestyle Prices of Excessive Retirement PlanExpenses 139

Appendix B ABC Plan-401(k) Plan Fee Disclosure Form 205

About the Author 217

Index 219

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