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Disaster Operations and Decision Making

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Roger C. Huder
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The only book to combine emergency management principLEs withproven military concepts
Good disaster plans do not guarantee a good response. Anydisaster plan rarely survives the first rain bands of a hurricaneor the first tremors of an earthquake. While developing plans isessential, there must be systems in place to adapt these plans tothe ever-changing operational environment of a disaster. Currentlythere is no set of standard disaster response principles to guide acommunity. The National Incident Management System (NIMS) and theIncident Command System (ICS) provide the framework to implementoperational decisions, but they were never designed as operationalconcepts. The military has developed just such concepts and many ofthem can be adapted for civilian use.

Disaster Operations and Decision Making adapts those militaryconcepts and combines them with disaster lessons learned to createa new opera-tional paradigm. Emphasizing team building, EmergencyOperations Center operational systems, and situational awareness,the book details easily adopted methods. All of these methods aredesigned to be incorporated into the NIMS and ICS framework toenhance a community's response to any type of disaster.

Disaster Operations and Decision Making is an essential resourcefor emergency managers, fire chiefs, law enforcement officers,homeland security professionals, public health officials, andanyone else involved or interested in crisis management.
Foreword ix

Introduction xiii

1. The Emergency Manager: Leading in a Crisis 1

2. Crisis Decision Making 19

3. Disaster Operations: The Art of Operations 39

4. Decision Graphics: The Green Light System 67

5. The Emergency Operations Center 79

6. The Press, Friend and Foe 111

7. The National Incident Management System and the IncidentCommand System 127

8. Technology and Social Media 159

9. Building the Team: The Core Liaison Group 173

10. Training the Team 189

11. Resources: Decision Aids and Worksheets 277

FEMA Glossary 341

Suggested Readings 363

Index 367

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