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The Art of Retail Buying

An Insider's Guide to the Best Practices from the Industry
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Marie-Louise Jacobsen
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Buying for retail is a demanding and challenging job that requiresa creative flair, a strong awareness of fashion trends, life trendsas well as good interpersonal and team working skills. Buyers andmerchandisers have to ensure that the right merchandise is beingsent to the right stores, at the right time, in the rightquantities. This takes a blend of forward planning and rapidresponse to consumer demands. In combination with the other areasof the business, success comes from maximizing profit, which isachieved through anticipating customer needs and responding rapidlyto immediate issues. It involves complex data analysis, liaisonwith the stores operation teams and balancing store stock levels.
To succeed as a professional buyer, you will need stronganalytical and numerical skills, an interest and understanding ofconsumer demands and strong commercial awareness. You also need tohave an ability to understand and prioritize issues quickly andefficiently. Progression into the Merchandising function alsoinvolves the ability to manage change. The better equipped you arein your buying function the better you will be able to adapt tothese changes. The best change of all is to graduate from a goodbuyer to an outstanding one!

To handle the complexity of data and to enable you to contributeeffectively in the critical role of a buyer, you need the rightskill-sets and a right mind-set. Both of which can be learned inThe Art of Retail Buying.

This easy to read guide is written in a concise & pictorialstyle with colorful images that enables you to follow step-by-stepeach function of a buyer. The Art of Retail Buyingwill inspire you, motivate you and encourage you towardsmerchandising excellence!
Dedication vii

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xi

Chapter 1: Retail Formats 1

Chapter 2: Qualifications- Qualities- Abilities 11

Chapter 3: The Buyer's Roles 29

Chapter 4: Management Expectations 39

Chapter 5: Retail Math 53

Chapter 6: Budgeting 75

Chapter 7: Assortment Planning 95

Chapter 8: Anticipating Consumer Trends 127

Chapter 9: Forecasting Customer Demands 139

Chapter 10: Central Buying 157

Chapter 11: The True Essence of Buying 171

Chapter 12: Buying Merchandise 195

Chapter 13: Brand Strategy 243

Chapter 14: Managing Suppliers 265

Chapter 15: Negotiation 273

Chapter 16: Retail Shrink: The Bare Truth 287

Chapter 17: Lending By Example 307

Chapter 18: Business Communication 317

Appendix 1: International Trade Fairs 341

Appendix 2: Common Terms from The World of Fashion 347

Appendix 3: Catalog of Colors 365

Appendix 4: Common Shipping Terms 375

Glossary 387

Index 393

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