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The Money Markets Handbook

A Practitioner's Guide
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Moorad Choudhry
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In The Money Markets Handbook Moorad Choudhry provides, inone comprehensive volume, the description, trading, analysis andcalculations of the major markets around the world, providingworked examples and exercises throughout to provide a landmarkpublication on this important topic. Unique features, including alist of conventions and trading rules in virtually every market inthe world, means that this book is relevant to virtually everymoney market in the world.* Includes an in depth treatment of repo markets, asset andliability management, banking regulatory requirements and othertopics that would usually be found only in separate books
* Written with clarity in mind, this book is vital reading foranyone with an interest in the global money markets
* Features coverage of derivative money market products includingfutures and swaps, and the latest developments not covered incurrent texts
1. Money market instruments (the cash market, commercial paper,synthetic CP conduits).

2. Yield measures.

3. Applications.

4. The foreign exchange market.

5. Floating-rate notes.

6. Repo instruments (instruments and applications, marketconventions).

7. Money market derivatives (FRAs, futures, swaps inc OISswaps).

8. Asset-Liability management.

9. Banking reg capital and basel II (capital adequacy, baselII).

10. Selected country markets.

11. Asset and liability management.

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