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The Holy Grail of Macroeconomics

Lessons from Japan's Great Recession, Revised Edition
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Richard C. Koo
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The revised edition of this highly acclaimed work presents cruciallessons from Japan's recession that could aid the US and othereconomies as they struggle to recover from the current financialcrisis.
This book is about Japan's 15-year long recession and how itaffected current theoretical thinking about its causes and cures.It has a detailed explanation on what happened to Japan, but thediscoveries made are so far-reaching that a large portion ofeconomics literature will have to be modified to accommodateanother half to the macroeconomic spectrum of possibilities thatconventional theorists have overlooked.

The author developed the idea of yin and yang business cycleswhere the conventional world of profit maximization is the yang andthe world of balance sheet recession, where companies areminimizing debt, is the yin. Once so divided, many varied theoriesdeveloped in macro economics since the 1930s can be nicelycategorized into a single comprehensive theory- The Holy Grailof Macro Economics
Acknowledgments ix

Preface xi

Chapter 1 Japan's Recession 1

Chapter 2 Characteristics of Balance Sheet Recessions 39

Chapter 3 The Great Depression was a Balance Sheet Recession 85

Chapter 4 Monetary, Foreign Exchange, and Fiscal Policy During a Balance Sheet Recession 125

Chapter 5 Yin and Yang Economic Cycles and the Holy Grail of Macroeconomics 157

Chapter 6 Pressure of Globalization 185

Chapter 7 Ongoing Bubbles and Balance Sheet Recessions 221

Chapter 8 World in Balance Sheet Recession 253

Appendix: Thoughts on Walras and Macroeconomics 295

References and Bibliography 309

Index 321

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