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Public Relations in Asia Pacific

Communicating Effectively Across Cultures
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Mary M. Devereux
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Public Relations in Asia Pacific reflects the growingprofessionalism in the practice of public relations in theworld's fastest expanding economy. It is a carefully drawnroad map, both strategically and tactically, for all manner ofentities, for profit and not-for-profit on how to establish andmaintain effective relationships with their numerous stakeholders.Particularly insightful are the many examples of public relationsin action within the Asia Pacific region. It's a"must" read for those interested in public relationscareers and those new to the profession; and it's afirst-rate refresher for the established professional.--Harold Burson, Founding Chairman, Burson-MarstellerWorldwide

Mary Devereux and Anne Peirson-Smith have combined theirconsiderable talents and experience to produce a bible of howpublic relations is--and should be--practiced in the AsiaPacific. One of its many virtues is that it debunks the myth thatPR is just one long lunch hosted by caricature Svengalis and SpinDoctors. Rather, it sets the profession in a cultural context thatwill be valuable to those starting at PR 101, professionals andcorporate executives who want to know how truth can be well told(with all due credit to McCann Erickson).
--Kerry McGlynn, Special Adviser, CorporateCommunication Department, Cathay Pacific Airways

As greater social pluralism, stakeholder influence and internetdriven consumer sophistication and empowerment grow relentlesslyacross nearly all Asian societies, Public Relations in AsiaPacific is a timely guide to the critical role of good publicrelations. Clear, helpful and with a wealth of good examples of howbest practice PR in action can make real and tangible contributionsto governments, businesses, NGOs as well as to ordinary people,this is essential reading for anyone concerned with how tocommunicate well in the world's fastest growing economicregion.
--Tim Sutton, Chairman Asia Pacific, WeberShandwick

In an increasingly globalized world, public relations practicesand strategies become critical for organizations to communicateeffectively to their diverse audiences worldwide. This book istherefore an extremely timely and relevant contribution to PRstudents and practitioners in the Asia-Pacific region as itprovides not only a comprehensive overview of the essentialconcepts and skills of public relations but also specific casestudies which illustrate tactical uses of public relations across awide range of issues and countries. In my opinion, this book fillsa major gap in the understanding of public relations concepts andpractices and will constitute a fundamental resource for all thosewho aspire to excel within the field.
--Dr. Indrajit Banerjee, Secretary-General, Asian MediaInformation and Communication Centre (AMIC)

CHAPTER 1 Public Relations in Asia Pacific.

You Can't Just "Spin" an Issue or Do a "PR Exercise".

Labeling a Profession.

Exploding the Myths of Public Relations.

PR as a One-Stop Communication Shop.

Acknowledgment of Achievement.

Longevity and Sustainability of PR.

Model PR.

Locating Public Relations in the Asia Pacific Context.

Asia Pacific Model.

CHAPTER 2 Public Relations Strategy.

A Management Function.

A Worked Example.

CHAPTER 3 Connecting with the Media.

The Media and Democracy.

So What is Media Relations?

A Recipe for News.

Media Releases.


Media Conferences and Briefings.

Media Interviews.

Media Kits.

Feature Articles.


Letters to the Editor and Responses to Online Content.

VNRs, ANRs, and B-Roll.

Giving Good E-mail.

The Best Time to Contact a Reporter.

CHAPTER 4 Public Relations and Branding: PR as a CompleteBrand-Building Toolbox.

Public Relations and Marketing Battle It Out.

All About the Brand.

A Holistic Public Relations Approach.

Branding the Bottom Line.

CHAPTER 5 Building and Defending CorporateReputation.

Developing a Corporate Reputation Program.

CEOs in the Spotlight.

CHAPTER 6 Marketing to Asia Pacific Consumers andBusinesses.

Estranged Bedfellows.

Mind Your Ps.

Diffusion of Information.

Brand Relationships.

Value of the Brand in Asia.

Business-to-Business Marketing.

CHAPTER 7 The Role of Public Affairs in Asia Pacific.

Public Affairs Explained.

Direct and Indirect Lobbying.

Elements of a Public Affairs Campaign.

Role of Government Relations.

Why We Need Public Affairs.

CHAPTER 8 Managing Issues and Communicating in aCrisis.

What Is Issues Management?

Facing a Crisis--The 30:70 Equation.

Crisis Landmarks.

The 5Cs.

How Asia Used to Think.

Sacrificing the Short Term for the Long-Term Benefit.

The Three Phases of a Crisis.

CHAPTER 9 Talking to Ourselves.

Internal and Change Communications.

What Difference Will Communication Make?

The Critical Management of Organizational Change.

CHAPTER 10 Corporations Taking Responsibility.

What is Corporate (Social) Responsibility?

What is at Stake?

The Trust Bank.

Three Areas of CSR.

Partnership with Public Relations.

"Triple Bottom Line" Reporting.

The Four Principles of PR and CSR.

CHAPTER 11 The Big Three--Investor Relations, HealthcareCommunications, and Technology Communications.

Investor Relations: Show Me the Money.

Treating the Communications Patient.

Turning Technospeak into Everyday Talk.

CHAPTER 12 The Digital Generation.

Everyone's a Hack.

Social Media.

Meet Joe Blog.

Digital Media Tools.

Social Media Minefields.

Social Networks.

Virtual Lifestyles.

Resistance is Useless.

CHAPTER 13 You'll Never Walk Alone.

Toward Integration.

PR Comes into Its Own.

Revisiting PR as a One-Stop Shop.

CHAPTER 14 Measuring Achievement.

The ''IOIO'' Model of Measurement.

Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE).

Media Analysis.


An Integrated Approach.

CHAPTER 15 Future Trends for Public Relations in AsiaPacific.
Directions for Asia Pacific PR: Past, Present, and Future.



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