Design for Aging
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Design for Aging

International Case Studies of Building and Program
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Jeffrey W. Anderzhon
Wiley Series in Healthcare and Senior Living Design
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Architecture/Interior Design
An in-depth look at the most innovative aged care facilitiestoday

With the world's population aging at a rapid pace, there is agrowing need for new ways to provide residential care for olderpeople. Design for Aging explores some of the mostsuccessful examples of elderly housing today, focusing onintegrating architectural considerations within an unwaveringpeople-driven approach. Written by an international team of expertsin aged care design, the book brings together twenty-six casestudies from around the world, including Australia, Denmark,England, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States. Theauthors describe how each scheme has succeeded in addressing theneeds of its residents regardless of wide variations in design,geography, cultural factors, medical needs, capital cost, and otherfactors. Clear, well-documented information for each facilityincludes:
* Building descriptions and project data, and how the overalldesign fits within a geographical location
* The type of community, including number of residents, ethnicity,and specific conditions such as dementia
* How to apply universal design principles in different political,social, and regulatory contexts
* How to create a sense of belonging and well-being for residentswhile building strong connections with the community at large
* What makes a facility able to attract and retain high-qualitycaregivers
* Environmental sustainability issues, plus indoor and outdoorspaces

Architects and interior designers as well as facility owners andcaregivers will find Design for Aging an inspiring andpractical guide on how to navigate the many factors involved increating good designs for aged care environments.
Foreword By Mary Marshall, MBE, MA, DSA, DASS, EmeritusProfessor, University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland, UnitedKingdom ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction xiii

Part I Australian Schemes 1

Chapter 1 A Study of Sir Montefiore Home Randwick 3

Chapter 2 A Study of Southwood Nursing Home 13

Chapter 3 A Study of Wintringham Port Melbourne Hostel 25

Chapter 4 A Study of Tjilpi Pampaku Ngura 35

Chapter 5 A Study of Brightwater Onslow Gardens 45

Part II Japanese Schemes 55

Chapter 6 A Study of Akasaki-cho Day Care (Kikuta) 57

Chapter 7 A Study of Himawari Group Home 65

Chapter 8 A Study of NPO Group Fuji 75

Chapter 9 A Study of Gojikara Village 83

Chapter 10 A Study of Tenjin no Mori 93

Part III Swedish Schemes 101

Chapter 11 A Study of Neptuna 103

Part IV Danish Schemes 113

Chapter 12 A Study of Salem Nursing Home 115

Part V The Netherlands Schemes 125

Chapter 13 A Study of Wiekslag Boerenstreek 127

Chapter 14 A Study of Wiekslag Krabbelaan 135

Chapter 15 A Study of De Hogeweyk 143

Chapter 16 A Study of Weidevogelhof 155

Part VI United Kingdom Schemes 167

Chapter 17 A Study of Belong Atherton 169

Chapter 18 A Study of Heald Farm Court 181

Chapter 19 A Study of Sandford Station 191

Chapter 20 A Study of the Brook Coleraine 203

Part VII United States Schemes 211

Chapter 21 A Study of Leonard Florence Center for Living 213

Chapter 22 A Study of the Skilled Nursing Component atFoulkeways at

Chapter 23 A Study of Deupree Cottages 233

Chapter 24 A Study of Montgomery Place 243

Chapter 25 A Study of Park Homes at Parkside 253

Chapter 26 A Study of Childers Place 263

Conclusions 273

Definitions 275

Index 283

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