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Autor: Robert S. H. Istepanian
ISBN-13: 9781119302902
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IEEE Press Series on Biomedical Engineering
Fundamentals and Applications
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Addresses recent advances from both the clinical and technological perspectives to provide a comprehensive presentation of m-Health
This book introduces the concept of m-Health, first coined by Robert S. H. Istepanian in 2003. The evolution of m-Health since then--how it was transformed from an academic concept to a global healthcare technology phenomenon--is discussed. Afterwards the authors describe in detail the basics of the three enabling scientific technological elements of m-Health (sensors, computing, and communications), and how each of these key ingredients has evolved and matured over the last decade. The book concludes with detailed discussion of the future of m-Health and presents future directions to potentially shape and transform healthcare services in the coming decades. In addition, this book:
* Discusses the rapid evolution of m-Health in parallel with the maturing process of its enabling technologies, from bio-wearable sensors to the wireless and mobile communication technologies from IOT to 5G systems and beyond
* Includes clinical examples and current studies, particularly in acute and chronic disease management, to illustrate some of the relevant medical aspects and clinical applications of m-Health
* Describes current m-Health ecosystems and business models
* Covers successful applications and deployment examples of m-Health in various global health settings, particularly in developing countries
About the Authors xi

Foreword xv

Preface xvii

Acknowledgments xxi

Acronyms xxiii

1 Introduction to m-Health 1

1.1 Introduction, 1

1.2 The Concept of m-Health: The Beginnings, 2

1.3 Taxonomy of Telemedicine, Telehealth, e-Health, and m-Health, 5

1.4 m-Health and Digital Ubiquity, 9

1.5 The Paradigm Shift of Mobile Connectivity and m-Health Services, 12

1.6 Impact of m-Health on Cultural, Commercial, and Operational Changes, 16

1.7 Summary, 18

References, 18

2 Smart m-Health Sensing 23

2.1 Introduction, 23

2.2 Fundamentals of m-Health Sensing and a New Taxonomy, 24

2.3 Health and Wellness Monitoring Sensors, 26

2.4 Who is Monitored? 30

2.5 What is Monitored? 31

2.6 Wearable Sensors for m-Health Monitoring, 36

2.7 Wearable Fitness and Health-Tracking Devices, 45

2.8 Design Considerations for Wireless Health Sensing and Monitoring, 47

2.9 Diagnostic Sensors, 52

2.10 Prognostic and Treatment Sensors, 54

2.11 Assistive Sensors, 55

2.12 Summary, 55

References, 58

3 m-Health Computing: m-Health 2.0, Social Networks, Health Apps, Cloud, and Big Health Data 67

3.1 Introduction, 67

3.2 The Evolution of m-Health with Web 2.0 and Medicine 2.0: m-Health 2.0, 68

3.3 Mobile Health Applications (m-Health Apps), 76

3.4 Cloud Computing and m-Health, 90

3.5 m-Health and "Big Data", 101

3.6 Summary, 109

References, 110

4 m-Health and Mobile Communication Systems 119

4.1 Introduction, 119

4.2 Wireless Communications for m-Health: From "Unwired Health" to "4G-Health", 123

4.3 Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks for m-Health, 144

4.4 Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) for m-Health, 147

4.5 Personal Area Networks (PAN) and Body Area Networks (BAN) for m-Health, 151

4.6 Machine-to-Machine Communications and Internet of Things, 166

4.7 Summary, 177

References, 179

5 m-Health Care Models and Applications 189

5.1 Introduction, 189

5.2 Mobile Phone m-Health Systems and Their Impact on Future Healthcare Services, 191

5.3 m-Health for Chronic Disease Management and Monitoring Applications, 200

5.4 Mobile Health for Other Healthcare Services, 229

5.5 Summary, 234

References, 237

6 m-Health and Global Healthcare 251

6.1 Introduction, 251

6.2 m-Health Technologies for Global Health, 254

6.3 Global m-Health Initiatives for the Developing World: Healthcare Challenges and Impacts, 260

6.4 Global m-Health for the Developing World: Barriers and Recommendations, 294

6.5 Summary, 309

References, 311

7 m-Health Ecosystems, Interoperability Standards, and Markets 323

7.1 Introduction, 323

7.2 m-Health Stakeholders and Ecosystems, 325

7.3 m-Health Interoperability and Standardization, 337

7.4 m-Health Markets and Business Models, 345

7.5 Summary, 351

References, 352

8 The Future of m-Health: Progress or Retrogression? 355

8.1 Introduction, 355

8.2 Future Trends of m-Health, 357

8.3 Challenges and Expectations: m-Health "Market" Versus "Science", 366

8.4 Future m-Health Scenarios, 370

8.5 Summary, 374

References, 375

Appendix 379

Index 381

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