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Autor: Bertine van Hoof
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Another State of Mind

Perspectives from Wisdom Traditions on Management and Business
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By returning to the source and the source texts, this book deepens the understanding of certain important ideas and notions which affect our present thinking. In Wisdom in Business, the authors go back in history to answer the question: How can one act wisely in the spirit of the present age?
PART I: INTRODUCTION 1. Editorial Introduction; Robert J. Blomme and Bertine van Hoof 2. An Interview with Lama Yeshe Sangmo; Bertine van Hoof and Robert J. Blomme PART II: WITH THE RIGHT STATE OF MIND 3. The Art of Living According to Ecclesiastes; Maarten Verkerk and Jan Hoogland 4. Why D?gen Now? Lessons from Zen Buddhism for Management; Tetsuo ?tani and Ingrid Shugetsu Appels 5. The Ignition of Spinoza's Enlightenment: A Perspective from a Practitioner on Leadership; Louis Aartman 6. A Global Ethic for Globalized Business; Katherina Hoegl and Claus Dierksmeier 7. An Interview with Gert van Dijk; Bertine van Hoof and Robert J. Blomme PART III: LEADERSHIP FROM WITHIN 8. Islamic Leadership; Eleftheria Egel 9. Unique Leadership; Ulrica W.F. van Panhuys 10. The Courage to Govern; Karin Jironet 11. An Interview with Doekle Terpstra; Bertine van Hoof and Robert J. Blomme PART IV: ENGAGEMENT AND INNOVATION 12. The Application of Confucianism to Establish a Supportive Working Environment for Creativity and Innovation; Grace Yu 13. The Absurd Organization: the Insights of Albert Camus Translated into Management Practices; Robert J. Blomme 14. Appreciative Inquiry and Rumi's Wisdom for Organizational Development; Amir Mehrani 15. An Interview with Jeff Smulyan; Bertine van Hoof and Robert J. Blomme PART V: CREATING THE RIGHT CONDITIONS: COMMUNITY, LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT 16. Convenantal Learning: What Can Business Learn from Jewish Learning?; Josh Plaskoff 17. A Value-driven Organization: Tata from the Perspective of an Insider; Samita Bhattacharjee 18. The Art and Ethics of Business - African Lenses; Kemi Ogunyemi 19. An Interview with Johannes Witteveen; Bertine van Hoof and Robert J. Blomme PART VI: CROSS CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES ON MANAGEMENT 20. Ancient Chinese Philosophy as a Source of Inspiration for Management; Huibert de Man en Helen Haijing de Haan 21. Skillful Means: Keeping the Middle Way; Paul van der Velde 22. Understand Chinese Culture and Business from the Yin/yang Perspective; Jianhong Zhang and Chaohong Zhou 23. Leading from the Inside: Self Transformation in Indian Spirituality; Ramnath Narayanswamy 24. An Interview with Sally Hindham; Ludwig Möller and Bertine van Hoof PART VII: FINAL THOUGHTS 25. Final Thoughts; Bertine van Hoof and Robert J. Blomme

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Autor: Bertine van Hoof
ISBN-13 :: 9781137425829
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