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Autor: Jean Grugel
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The Palgrave Handbook of International Development

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International development is a dynamic, vibrant and complex field – both in terms of practices and in relation to framing and concepts. This collection draws together leading experts from a range of disciplines, including development economics, geography, sociology, political science and international relations, to explore persistent problems and emergent trends in international development. Building from an introduction to key development theories, this Handbook proceeds to examine key development questions relating to the changing donor and aid landscape, the changing role of citizens and the state in development, the role of new finance flows and privatization in development, the challenges and opportunities of migration and mobility, emerging issues of insecurity and concerns with people trafficking, the drugs trade and gang violence, the role of rights and activism in promoting democracy and development, the threats posed by and responses to global environmental change, and the role of technology and innovation in promoting development.
Chapter 1: Introduction: A Call for Action in a Multi-Disciplinary World, Jean Grugel and Daniel Hammett-. Part I-._Theories of Development-. Chapter 2: Classical Theories to Development: Modernisation and Dependency, Wil Hout-. Chapter 3: Postcolonial Approaches to Development, Pat Noxolo-. Chapter 4: Ethical Issues in Development, Jay Drydyk-. Chapter 5: Democracy and Development: A Relationship of Harmony or Tension? Matthew Bishop-. Chapter 6: Global Citizenship and Development: From Benevolence to Global Justice? Matt Baillie Smith-. Part II: The Changing Role of the State and Capital in Development-. Chapter 7: The Developmental State, Christopher Wylde-. Chapter 8: Natural Resource Extraction and the Development Conundrum, Harvard Haarstad-. Chapter 9: Intellectual Property Rights and Development: A Contingent Political Relationship, Valbona Muzaka-. Chaper 10: Governing the Formal Economy: The Convergence of Theory and Divergence of Practice, Tony Heron-. Chapter 11: Outside the State: The Shadow Economy and Shadow Economy Labour Force, Friedrich Schneider-. Part III: The Changing Role of Citizens, Civil Society and Privatisation in Development-. Chapter 12: Urban Informality and the State: A Relationship of Perpetual Negotiation, Tom Goodfellow-. Chapter 13: Civil Society: Management, Mismanagement and Informal Governance, Sarah Radcliffe-. Chapter 14: Security Privatisation, the State and Development in the Global South, Rita Abrahamsen-. Chapter 15: Alternatives to Privatisation of Water and Sanitation Services: Lessons from Latin America, Susan Spronk-. Part IV: New Flows of Development Finance-. Chapter 16: Emerging Powers of International Development: Questioning South-South Cooperation, Giles Mohan-. Chapter 17: The New Philanthropy? Private Power in International Development Policy? Michael Moran and Diane Stone-. Chapter 18: Recipients and Contributors: The Dual Role of Middle Income Countries, José Antonio Alonso, Jonathan Glennie and Andy Sumner-. Chapter 19: Migrants, Remittances and Hometown Associations in Promoting Development, Ninna Nyberg  Sørensen-. Part V: (In)Security, Mobility and Geopolitics-. Chapter 20: Mobility, Immobility and Migration, Ronald Skeldon-. Chapter 21: “Make Migration a Choice not a Necessity”: Challenging the Instrumentalisation of Migration as a Tool for Development, Nicola Piper-. Chapter 22: Slavery, Human Trafficking and Forced Labour: Implications for International Development, Genevieve LeBaron-. Chapter 23: International Development and the Global Drugs Trade, Neil Carrier and Gernot Klantschnig-. Chapter 24: The Violence of Development: Guerrillas, Gangs and Goondas in Perspective, Gareth Jones and Dennis Rodgers-. Chapter 25: Aid and the ‘Circle of Security’ John Overton and Warwick E. Murray-. Part VI: Rights, Activism and Citizenship-. Chapter 26: What Do Human Rights Mean in Development? Paul Gready and Jonathan Ensor-. Chapter 27: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Morgan-. Chapter 28: From Objects to Subjects? Children and Youth in Development, Nicola Ansell-. Chapter 29: Disability and Development: Critical (Dis)Connections, Shaun Grech-. Chapter 30: Mental Health and the Mindset of Development, China Mills-. Chapter 31: Invited and Invented Spaces of Activism: Gezi Park and Performative Practices of Citizenship, Deniz Ay and Faranak Miraftab-. Part VII: Science, Technology and Innovation-. Chapter 32: New Social Media Practices: Potential for Development, Democracy and Anti-Democratic Practices, Matthew Adeiza and Philip N. Howard-. Chapter 33: The Role of Transport and Communication Infrastructure in Realising Development Outcomes, Jean-Paul Rodrique-. Chapter 34: Smart City: Neoliberal Discourse or Urban Development Tool? Nancy Odendaal-. Chapter 35-._Crowdsourcing Development: From Funding to Reporting, Johan Hellström-. Chapter 36: The Problematic of Biofuels for Development, Kate Neville and Peter Dauvergne-. Part VIII: Vulnerability and Adaptation to Environmental Change-. Chapter 37: Food Security, Land and Development, Philip McMichael-. Chapter 38: Livelihood Adaptation and Climate Variability in Africa, Lindsay Stringer, Claire Quinn, Rachel Berman and Jami Dixon-. Chapter 39: Can Regional Cooperation Promote Sustainable Development? Karen M. Siegel-. Chapter 40: Rethinking the Vulnerability of Small Island States: Climate Change and Development in the Pacific Islands, Jon Barnett and Elissa Waters-. Chapter 41-._Running Dry: Water, Development and Conflict, Ashok Swain

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Autor: Jean Grugel
ISBN-13 :: 9781137427243
ISBN: 1137427248
Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan UK
Seiten: 774
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 1st ed. 2016
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