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Managing the Paralympics

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This book critically examines the planning, management, and operations of the world’s premier event for Para sport athletes. Noting a lack of research into how these games are planned and managed, the authors of this contributed volume discuss how the Paralympics are essentially different to the Olympics and what this means for their management. Managing the Paralympics explores how the organizers and connected stakeholders effectively organize and deliver the Paralympics, taking into account what has been learned from previous events. Including emergent models of best practice from event management, project management and sport management literature, the book gives an insight into the planning of one of the world’s biggest sporting events that encompasses ten impairment types and multiple sport classes within sports.
Chapter 1 The Paralympic Games: Managerial and Strategic Directions (Simon Darcy, Stephen Frawley and Daryl Adair).- Chapter 2 Stakeholders and the Paralympic Games (Mathew Dowling and David Legg).- Chapter 3 Accessibility as a Key Management Component of the Paralympics (Simon Darcy).- Chapter 4 Managing Legacy and the Paralympic Games (Laura Misener).- Chapter 5 Managing Paralympic bodies: the technology of classification and its impact on (dis)abled athletes (P. David Howe and Paul J. Kitchin).- Chapter 6 Anti-doping for Paralympians (Daryl Adair).- Chapter 7 Managing Paralympic Sport Organisations – The STEEPLE Framework (Mary Hums and Eli A Wolff).- Chapter 8 Leading the Team: The Role of the Chef de Mission at the Paralympic Games (Darren Peters, Stephen Frawley and Daniel Favaloro).- Chapter 9 Volunteer Management at the Paralympic Games (Tracey J Dickson, F. Anne Terwiel and Fiona Buick).- Chapter 10 Media and the Paralympics: Progress, Visibility and Paradox (Gerard Goggin and Brett Hutchins).- Chapter 11 Communicating and Managing the Message: Media and Media Representation of Disability and Paralympic Sport (Ian Brittain).- Chapter 12 Marketing and Sponsorship at the Paralympic Games (David Legg and Mark Dottori).- Chapter 13 Strategic Opportunities and Future Research (Simon Darcy, Stephen Frawley and Daryl Adair).

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Autor: Simon Darcy
ISBN-13 :: 9781137435224
ISBN: 1137435224
Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan UK
Seiten: 302
Sprache: Englisch
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