Postdigital Aesthetics
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Postdigital Aesthetics

Art, Computation And Design
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D. Berry
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Postdigital Aesthetics is a contribution to questions raised by our newly computational everyday lives and the aesthetics which reflect both the postdigital nature of this age, but also critical perspectives of a post-internet world.
1. Introduction; David Berry And Michael Dieter 2. What Is Post-Digital?; Florian Cramer 3. Genealogies Of The New Aesthetic; Malcolm Levy And Christine Paul 4. The Post-Digital Constellation; David Berry 5. Communication Models, Aesthetics And Ontology Of The Computational Age Revealed; Lukasz Mirocha 6. How To Be Theorized. A F*** Academic Essay On The New Aesthetic; Katja Kwastek 7. A Hyperbolic New Aesthetic; Daniel Pinkas 8. The Genius And The Algorithm. Reflections On The New Aesthetic As A Computer's Vision; Stamatia Portanova 9. Selfiecity: Exploring Photography And Self-Fashioning In Social Media; Lev Manovich And Alise Tifentale 10. Judging Like A Machine; David Golumbia 11. Not Now? : Feminism, Technology, Postdigital; Caroline Bassett 12 . Postscript On The Problem Of Temporality In The Post-Digital; Geoff Cox 13. Dark Patterns: Interface Design, Augmentation And Crisis; Michael Dieter 14. Data Visualisation And The Subject Of Political Aesthetics; Sean Cubitt 15 . School Will Never End: On Infantilization In Digital Environments – Amplifying Empowerment Or Propagating Stupidity?; Mercedes Bunz 16 . The City And The City: London 2012 Visual (Un)Commons; Jussi Parikka 17 . Going Beyond The Visible: New Aesthetic As An Aesthetic Of Blindness?; Shintaro Miyazaki 18. Glitch Sorting: Minecraft, Curation And The Postdigital; Thomas Apperley 19 . Through Glass Darkly: Google's Gnostic Governance; Marc Tuters 20. New Aesthetic In The Perspective Of Social Photography; Vito Campanelli 21 . Aesthetics Of The Banal – 'New Aesthetics' In An Era Of Diverted Digital Revolutions; Søren Bro Pold And Christian Ulrik Andersen 22. Networks NOW: Belated Too Early; Wendy Chun

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