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Public Administration and the Modern State

Assessing Trends and Impact
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The challenges faced by the public sector are many and varied. Civil services at the forefront of tackling pressing problems in a whole range of areas from climate change to income inequality are being allocated less money to do so. This collection explores how public sectors have adapted to address the demands placed on them in the 21st Century.
Introduction; Eberhard Bohne, John D. Graham and Jos C.N. Raadschelders PART I: NORMATIVE PERSPECTIVES ON THE STATE 1. Attending to Mission Extrinsic Public Values in Performance Oriented Administrative Management: A View from the United States; David Rosenbloom 2. Europe and the USA: The Uphill Quest for Regulatory Cooperation; John D. Graham 3. What We Seem to Forget in Modern Public Administration; Arthur Ringeling PART II: PROTECTING STATE 4. Reconciling Inconsistencies in Regulation Throughout the European Union for a Risk-based Approach Towards Industry Governance: A Closer Look at Germany; Sweta Chakraborty and Naomi Creutzfeldt 5. State Intervention in Times of the Global Economic Crisis; Michael M. Franke 6. The Sources of Security Regulation Convergence; Jesse Paul Lehrke and Rahel Schomaker PART III: PARTICIPATORY STATE 7. User and Community Co-production of Public Services: What Influences Citizens to Co-produce?; Tony Bovaird, Elke Loeffler, Gregg van Ryzin and Salvador Parrado 8. Overlooking an International Movement in Volunteerism? Understanding Citizen Involvement in Volunteer Centers; Jeffrey L. Brudney and Dayoung An Woodworth 9. Participatory Administrative Procedures: the USA vs. Germany, Austria and Slovenia; Polonca Kova? and Tina Sever PART IV: TRANSPARENT STATE 10. Erecting the Public Sector Information Exchange; Alon Peled 11. Open Government, Behavior Control, and the Privacy Risk of Digital Government; Alessandro Spina 12. Collaborative Governance and Collaborating Online: The Open Government Initiative in the United States; Lisa Blomgren Amsler and Susanna Foxworthy PART V: MULTI-LEVEL STATE 13. Reforming Public Administration in Multi-Level-Systems: An Evaluation of Performance Changes in European Local Governments; Sabine Kuhlmann, Stephan Grohs and Jörg Bogumil 14. Endogenous Transformations in European Public Administration: Soft-law, Transnationally-networked Governance as a Self-reinforcing Trend; Joseph Corkin and Nina Boeger 15. Regio-Crats Policy Participation Demands in the EU Multilevel System; Michael W. Bauer and Philipp Studinger Conclusion: The State is here to stay: We cannot Live with it, we cannot Live without it; Eberhard Bohne, John Graham and Jos C.N. Raadschelders

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