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Post-Conflict Performance, Film and Visual Arts

Contemporary Performance InterActions
Cities of Memory
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Drawing on a range of cities and conflicts from Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the collection explores the post-conflict condition as it is lived and expressed in modern cities such as Berlin, Belfast, Bilbao, Beirut, Derry, Skopje, Sarajevo, Tunis, Johannesburg and Harare. Post-Conflict Performance, Film and Visual Arts: Cities of Memory investigates how the memory of conflict can be inscribed in historical monuments, human bodies and hermeneutic acts of mapping, traversing, representing, and performing the city. Several essays explore the relations between memory, history and urban space; where memory is located and how it is narrated, as well as various aspects of embodied memory; testimonial memory; traumatic memory; counter-memory; false memory; post-memory. Other essays examine the representations of post-war cities and how cultural imaginations relate to the politics of reconstruction in places devastated by protracted urban warfare. Post-Conflict Performance, Film and Visual Arts: Cities of Memory offers a comparative survey of the complex and often controversial encounters between public art, political memory and commemoration in divided societies, as well as offering insights into the political and ethical difficulties of balancing the dynamics of forgetting and remembering.
Introduction; Des O’Rawe and Mark Phelan.- PART I. 1.Paradoxes and Parapraxes; Thomas Elsaesser.- 2.‘A Ruin In Slow Motion';Miriam Paeslack.- 3.Puppy Love; Rob Stone.- 4.Performing Reconciliation; Elena Caoduro.- 5.Public Memory in Post-Conflict Skopje; Zoran Poposki and Marija Todorova.- 6.Voyage(s) to Sarajevo;O’Rawe, Des (et al.) - PART II. 7.Lost Lives; Mark Phelan.- 8.‘It will bury its past, it will paper over the cracks’; Emma Grey.- 9.City of Culture/Memory; Paul Devlin.- 10.Panopticonicity; Paula Blair.- PART III. 11.Inner Cities; Jane Taylor.- 12.The Tunisian Revolution and After in the Work of Jalila Baccar and Fadhel Jaïbi; Marvin Carlson.- 13.‘Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws; Laurel Borisenko.- 14.Memory and Artistic Production in a Post-war Arab City;Katarzyna Puzon.

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Autor: Des O’Rawe
ISBN-13 :: 9781137439550
ISBN: 1137439556
Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan UK
Seiten: 314
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 1st ed. 2016
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