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Making Global Health Care Innovation Work

Standardization and Localization
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Global Health involves, among many things the intensified travelling of people, resources, technologies, knowledge, standards, and ideas. This book describes what happens when innovations are transferred to new settings: What work is needed to make them work, but also how they change the setting into which they are introduced.
PART I: PUTTING STANDARDS TO USE IN DIFFERENT CONTEXTS 1. Informed Consent And Knowledge Translation: Perspectives On Clinical Trials From A Ghanaian Community; Lloyd Akrong, Klasien Horstman, and Daniel K. Arhinful 2. Local Perspectives On Universal Bioethics: A Qualitative Study On Informed Consent, South India; Inge A. S. Van Alphen, Nora Engel, and Mario Vaz 3. Payments In Clinical Research: Views And Experiences Of Participants In South Africa; Olga Zvonareva and Nora Engel 4. Community Health Workers In A Community-Based Tuberculosis Programme: Linking Different Social Worlds; Phuong Nguyen Thi Mai and Nora Engel 5. The Forgotten Age Group: Why Children Aged 5-14 Are Succumbing To Malaria. An Exploratory Study in Western Kenya; Marianne Eelens and Agnes Meershoek PART II: REDESIGNING STANDARDS AND MAKING PUBLIC HEALTH TRADE-OFFS 6. The Translation Of Nutri-Epigenetics Into Public Health Policy: The Case Of Folic Acid Supplementation; Maria M.C. Verhagen, Angela Brand, and Elena Ambrosino 7. Social Confounders Of Vaccine Response; Meilee Ling, Angela Brand, and Elena Ambrosino 8. Different Perspectives on Research and Development Incentives for Diseases of the Poor; Lois A. Murray and David Townend 9. The Influence Of Intellectual Property Protection On Drug Development For Neglected Tropical Diseases; Aimée Uwland and David Townend

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Autor: N. Engel
ISBN-13 :: 9781137456038
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