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Research, Development, and Innovation in Asia Pacific Higher Education

International and Development Education
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Research, Development, and Innovation in Asia Pacific Higher Education critically examines recent policies and practices adopted by governments and universities in Asia Pacific in promoting research and development, innovation, and entrepreneurial activities between the universities, industry and business. Critical reflections upon the changing relationship among these stakeholders are offered, with comparative perspectives and international insights into how universities in Asia Pacific have handled the growing pressure for top university rankings and keen competition in the knowledge-based economy.
1. Introduction: John N. Hawkins, Ka Ho Mok, and Deane Neubauer PART I: POLICY IMPLICATIONS FOR SHIFTING RESEARCH CAPACITY AND DEVELOPMENT 2. Developing Research Capacity in Education Schools and Faculties in Newer Universities: Seeking Research Excellence and Entrepreneurship; Annette Gough 3. The Shifting Ecology of Research in Asian Pacific Higher Education: Imitation or Innovation; John N. Hawkins 4. Time for Balanced Thinking: Reflections on Dichotomous Multiple Missions of Public Higher Education in the United States; Stewart Sutin 5. Why the Asia Craze for Publication?—An Examination from Academic Regime; Po-fen Tai 6. National Policies in Chile Related to Research and Innovation, The Challenge of Cultural Change; Mario Letelier and Maria J. Sandoval PART II: ENTREPRENEURSHIP, INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT IN THE RESEARCH DOMAIN 7. Rethinking Innovation in a Higher Education Context; Deane Neubauer 8. Questing for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Enhancing Global Competitiveness in Hong Kong: Academic Reflections; Ka Ho Mok and Sheng-ju Chan 9. The Quest for Entrepreneurial University in Taiwan: Policies and Practices in Industry-Academy Cooperation; Sheng-Ju Chan and Ka Ho Mok 10. The University-Community Compact: Innovation in Community Engagement; Robert W. Franco 11. Management of Research, Development, and Innovation: A Case Study of Universiti Sains Malaysia; Chang Da Wan and Molly Lee 12. Dynamics and Challenges of Public and Private Partnership in Thai Higher Education Institutions in Promoting a Creative Society: Implications for Research; Prompilai Buasuwan 13. Subjectivity, Indigenous Perspectives, and the New Qing History: The Role and Potential of Local Dimensions in Enhancing Research and Development in a Globalized Setting; William Yat Wai Lo 14. Research, Development, and Academic Culture in Chinese Universities: A Historical Reflection; Su-Yan Pan 15. Conclusion: Research Trends in Higher Education in Asia Pacific; Ka Ho Mok and John N. Hawkins

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Autor: J. Hawkins
ISBN-13 :: 9781137457097
ISBN: 1137457090
Verlag: Palgrave Macmillan US
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